First Iron Man The film was a huge success, grossing nearly $ 600 million at the global box office in 2008. From its success grew the rest of the cinematic universe, even inspiring DC to be more proactive in its own films.

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In addition to establishing a cultural phenomenon that is still alive and well today, the first of Tony Stark’s adventures had many factors that contributed to its success as an independent film. By identifying the many ways he stood out, fans can better appreciate his legacy on a larger scale.

10 It featured Tony Stark, who would play a huge role in future movies.

Tony Stark posing in front of the original Iron Man weapons test

First Iron Man The film featured Tony Stark, a billionaire gun maker who would arguably remain the MCU’s most prominent lead. In addition to its chronological prevalence, it also had a massive role in the Avengers movies (and even in Captain America: Civil War).

Considering how often he was relevant through the stories of other heroes, his introduction in his own film further contextualized his actions and helped audiences get a stronger impression of his intentions for the many characters he was about. has influence.

9 Provided a morally nuanced version of superheroes

One factor about the film that made it unique from both its predecessors and successors was that it provided a morally nuanced idea of ​​what it meant to be a superhero. Although Tony would use his wealth to help people, much of it was amassed by selling his devices to unscrupulous business partners.

This was the reason the terrorists were able to take possession of their weapons at the beginning of the story, much to their horror. Unlike other characters (such as Superman), Stark was forced to face the consequences of his own irresponsibility directly.

8 He broke the rules by allowing Tony to reveal his identity

Many superhero films make the preservation of secret identities a priority and usually never reveal the alter ego of their protagonist (unless it is the last installment of their planned movie lineup). However, Iron Man’s first adventure has no such reservations about the person behind the suit.

At the end of the first movie, Stark is open about his identity to reporters. This was an unprecedented decision that surprised audiences and provided satisfying suspense for future installments, as well as contributing to the roster of potential antagonists, demonstrated through iron Man 3.

7 Had an epic fight scene with Obadiah Stane where Pepper was actively involved

Traditionally, superheroes have fought their enemies to protect love interests, with the love interest’s presence on the battlefield as an inhibition rather than an asset (as through Raimi Spiderman films).

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However, the first Iron Man movie reverses this precedent completely. Although Pepper Pots cannot defeat Stane on his own merits, he follows Tony’s instructions and surprises the villain with a massive discharge of electricity. Iron Monger was only defeated through the mutual cooperation of the unlikely pair, attesting to its credibility as a threat.

6 It laid the foundation for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

avemgers endgame 2019 mcu

While the value of the first Iron Man movie speaks for itself, consider the series of films that grew out of its prosperity. Without the success of the first installment, there probably would not have been an opportunity to explore the stories of many other heroes, including characters who had not yet received widespread notoriety at the time (such as Ant-Man or Black Panther).

Without Tony to pave the way forward, he would never have had a chance to enjoy the stories of his successors.

5 Forced Tony to check his priorities

Tony Stark Obadiah Stane Iron Man

Obadiah Stane’s ultimate goal was to keep selling guns frivolously to any interested buyer. While this would ultimately have serious ramifications on an international scale, it was technically a smart business move that boded well for the future of Stark Industries.

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If Tony allowed (or even ignored) Obadiah’s actions, he could have avoided conflict and danger while filling his pockets. However, since he was a direct witness to the horrors of his creations, he was forced to reevaluate the important and confront his former business partner.

4 Led the plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Initially, Obadiah commissioned Stark Industries engineers to help him perfect his Iron Monger suit. After their passing and once their role in their promotion was discovered, they were immediately fired from the company.

Eventually, they would rally behind Mysterio, a con man who uses illusions to impress the population into believing that he is a superhero. The renegade employees, along with their stolen Stark gear, provided the main antagonists for Spider-Man: Far From Home and illustrated that Tony’s mistakes had the potential to cause harm even after his passing.

3 He dealt with real world problems

Tony drunk in his armor

Iron Man It was a rare exception to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it actually dealt with real-world problems. In principle, he followed the moral axiom that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

However, the film was also a scathing critique of the way many billionaires make their fortunes, often at the expense and suffering of others. In this sense, Tony’s adventures were remarkably unique and remain a timeless story for future generations to enjoy (and learn).

two Explored the flaws in Tony’s starting armor


Like any invention, the Iron Man suit required multiple iterations before it could be fully optimized. While his first armor was able to carry him through the plot, it was not without significant limitations.

Its most obvious flaw was the relatively low battery life. Consequently, he was unable to defeat Obadiah on even terms and was forced to use his former partner’s cooldown oversights against him to take him down (even if this would weaken his own armor almost as prodigiously as his target’s). By the end of the fight, Stark was literally almost powerless.

1 Left many plot threads to explore

Tony Stark staring at Cap in Civil War

Almost counterintuitive, an excellent feature of the first Iron Man film is that it did not conclude many points of the plot. This allowed for significant progression in the hero’s future exploits, whether in developing his relationship with Pepper Pots or building the Avengers.

Additionally, viewers got a chance to see how much the Iron Man suits progressed compared to the first movie. If Stark dazzled audiences with overly deep tech savvy and character growth early on, the story would have had nowhere to go significantly in later installments.

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