10 times Marvel villains went too far (in the comics)

For any villain to be truly scary, and for them to become a real threat to superheroes, they have to do some pretty brutal things. Of course, heroes can’t always win happily ever after, and in these cases, the villain has to take things to the extreme. During the roughly 80 years that Marvel has been publishing comics, there have been instances where the hero has faced some pretty serious tribulations.

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In fact, Spider-Man went through such evil villains so much that the term “Peter Luck” was coined to describe all the horrible moments he had to endure. Whether the villain is on a mission to kill half of all life in the universe, or is simply seeking raw revenge against a specific superhero, he has produced some horrible acts of evil.

10 Carnage lived up to his name by killing thousands in Manhattan

Carnage has yet to be seen on the big screen, although his long-awaited portrayal of Woody Harrelson in Poison: let there be slaughter it should make a compelling live action debut. But in the comics, he is one of the bloodiest and most violent fictional characters of all time; after all, the only reason it exists is to cause chaos and violence. As a result, his body count is extremely high, but in one case he was derailed even by his standards.

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In the incredibly popular comic book race of the 90s Maximum kill, which had 14 installments, Carnage assembled his own team of supervillains, all with the purpose of killing as many people as possible in the city of Manhattan. The rampage killed thousands and was an extreme version of raising the stakes.

9 Mysterio tricked Wolverine into killing the rest of the X-Men

By Mark Millar Old Logan is the latest nightmare comic book series from the future where the world has collapsed at the hands of malevolent villains and heroes that we all know are no more. But the most shocking thing about this future was that one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes was responsible for much of it.

In fact, a heartbroken Wolverine told Hawkeye that he was the one who killed all those heroes and his closest friends who were at Mansion X when Mysterio tricked him into believing they were all supervillains. This was an impressive illusion of Mysterio, but one that completely broke Logan and killed many beloved heroes.

8 Mister Sinister was the epitome of evil

While some villains desperately hunt down a specific hero or have a plan for the universe, Mister Sinister’s plan was nothing like super sci-fi. Instead, his act was pure evil and involved him experimenting with children. It all started when he experimented with the corpse of his own son, much to the chagrin and horror of his wife, who later coined his nickname, “Sinister.”

Mister Sinister continued this creepy habit during his time in Nazi Germany, where all the children he experimented with were never seen again. The immortal mutant resumed this on Scott Summers even while he was recovering in a hospital, proving just how horrible a person he was.

7 Purple Man tortured Jessica Jones for months

Jessica Jones Sleeps W Purple Man

With one of the most terrifying and powerful abilities of any villain in the Marvel universe, Purple Man could force anyone to do whatever he wanted them to do at any time. His powers were used for the worst possible on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ Alias. After getting Jessica Jones’s attention, the Purple Man used his ability to kidnap Jones and keep her locked in a hotel room for months.

This creepy comic story saw Jones being tortured for months until Scarlet Witch was finally able to break the spell after a fight with Daredevil. Not surprisingly, Jessica Jones is so traumatized by the Purple Man that she hangs up her superhero costume forever after that.

6 Doctor Octopus swapped minds with a dead spider-man

Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man were the greatest enemies and experienced many conflicts over the years. Seeing that they were both incredibly smart cookies, they often resorted to teasing each other with intricate schemes rather than going straight into the physical fight. But one of Doc Ock’s weirdest scientific ideas was his grand scheme to swap bodies.

But it was not a simple exchange of bodies; instead, Doc Ock swapped bodies with Peter Parker just before his own body was about to die, so the swap gave him access to Spider-Man’s body (and life) while Parker was trapped in Doc. Ock’s dying body. In fact, the body swap worked and lasted over a year, leaving Spider-Man dead.

5 Mephisto added more fuel to the fire of “Peter Luck”

Spider-Man had another incredibly heartbreaking encounter with a different villain where his life was once again ruined. This time, Mephisto was the culprit and Parker was the first to go to him. As a result of the revelation of Parker’s identity, Aunt May was the victim of a sniper shooting and was near death.

So Parker decided to make a deal with Mephisto, where he gave up his relationship and future with Mary Jane in exchange for May’s life. But Mephisto being Mephisto erased all From his memories with Mary Jane, he rewrote his entire life and his marriage to her, and even forced Peter to watch his future child fade before his eyes.

4 Iron Man became a murderer thanks to a villain who traveled back in time

Kang the Conqueror Avengers

Kang the Conqueror will become the main antagonist in the next Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the time traveling villain has had some pretty crazy moments in the comics. One of his weirdest and darkest moments came with Tony Stark, but it wasn’t the traditional hero-villain showdown, far from it, in fact.

Kang actually went back in time to brainwash a young Tony Stark and convince him to turn against the Avengers someday in his future. Tony did just that years later, taking out a Yellowjacket woman and a babysitter on his rampage. Fortunately, the Avengers brought in a young Tony Stark (before he was brainwashed) to help.

3 Starfox epitomized the very idea that a villain goes too far

Star fox

Starfox is one of the most controversial villains in all of comic book history, and similar to Purple Man, it was thanks to his ability to control other people’s emotions. As Thanos’ younger brother, it’s no surprise that he’s extremely evil, but the way he uses his powers is absolutely disgusting. The most prominent example of his evil was when he used his powers to seduce women and then sexually assault them.

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His character should never appear in the movies, and it’s surprising that he’s even been featured in the comics as much as he is. In fact, if the rumors are true that Harry Styles will play Starfox in the next Eternal movie, then it can be assumed that the MCU is completely reconfiguring the character.

two Thanos took a step beyond killing half of all life

The great evil of the entire MCU until its disappearance in EndgameThanos was one of the best and darkest big screen villains of all time. His quest to find the Infinity Stones and kill half of all life in the universe by snapping his fingers was a monstrous goal that he achieved at the end of Infinity war. But in the comics, he even took this one step further.

On Thanos by Donny Cates, the Mad Titan travels to the future to find a version of himself in which he not only took half of all life, but also killed all beings on all planets in the universe over a span of several decades.

1 Wanda may not be a villain, but she derailed at House Of M

In the story that inspired the recent Disney + show WandaVision, the House of M Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel’s comic book series is one of the darkest stories in the entirety of the Marvel universe, and at its focal point is a heroine so distraught over the loss of her children that she essentially becomes a villain.

The story saw her create her own Earth-spanning reality, where everyone was mind-controlled and brainwashed to make her main dream come true. It doesn’t sound too bad, but when the Avengers began to discover that they had been brainwashed for a while, their reaction was not pleasant.

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