30 Rock: Why did the NBC series end?

After seven seasons, Tina Fey’s hit comedy 30 Rock came to an end in 2013. But why?

Tina Fey’s long-running comedy series 30 Rock ended in 2013. Throughout its seven seasons, the NBC comedy saw outlandish stories and a revolving door of A-List guest stars. During its execution, 30 Rock was greatly appreciated, having amassed a cult following and more than 100 Emmy nominations. All of this was thanks to Fey’s writing and the cast of wacky characters he had created.

This is why 30 Rock finally over.

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What was 30 Rock?

30 Rock drew loosely on Fey’s time as lead writer in Saturday night live. The show followed Liz Lemon as the lead writer for The female show, which featured her best friend Jenna (Jane Krakowski) as the lead. But once network executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) stepped onto the scene, he changed his life by insisting on hiring comedy star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and renaming the sketch show as TGS. Throughout its seven seasons, 30 Rock revolved around the inner workings of TGS and the relationships between the cast and the crew.

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30 Rock it opened with strong ratings and was praised for its signature style of offbeat humor. But that same quirky humor would eventually scare off some viewers and critics. Some alienating plot lines included Jenna striking up a fake romance with James Franco, and Liz undergoing surgery that temporarily makes her cry out of her mouth. However, despite his unconventional approach to comedy, 30 Rock stayed for quite some time.

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Why 30 Rock ended

30 rock end

Despite the constant threat of cancellation, 30 Rock It essentially ended on its own terms. In an interview with Huffington PostFey hinted that declining ratings played a role in the show’s finale. But in the end, his team was able to make the decision to finish 30 Rock. As she explained, “All good things come to an end.” Fey believed her team told good stories and had a lot of fun with the show. But when he started working on the musical adaptation of his 2004 comedy Bad girls near the end of 30 RockExecuted, it was simply time to move on to other projects.

When it came to crafting 30 RockAt the end of the series, Fey decided that art should imitate life. After spending years in the bubble, TGS was finally canceled. Despite its shocking cancellation, the cast and crew of TGS continued to find their own happy endings. Liz Lemon de Fey happily settled into life as a mother before returning to work. Jack finally landed his dream job as CEO of GE. Tracy and Jenna continued in their careers. And, in an ode to the show’s long-running joke that Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) was immortal, the show ended with an ageless Kenneth fulfilling his dream of running the network.

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