Amazon’s The Boys launches official podcast

Amazon Prime Video announces a new podcast that delves into the making of the acclaimed second season of The Boys, with interviews with its cast and crew.

Boys They’re taking their anti-hero antics to a new podcast.

Cover Boys’ acclaimed season 2, The Boys: The Official Podcast debuts on April 15 with its first two episodes. The new episodes will premiere every Wednesday until the end of the season on May 27. With a total of eight episodes, each week will focus on one episode from Season 2.

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The official trailer for the show is currently available to listen to on The Boys: The Official Podcast‘s website. The episodes will feature interviews from showrunner Eric Kripke, executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, cast and crew members.

“We’re always playing the thought experiment of, yeah Boys They were real, if superheroes really did exist in our world, how would they affect everything? And then from there, you try to be as absolutely logical as you can, “Kripke stated of the season 2 production.

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Visual effects supervisor Stephan Fleet and stunt coordinator Tig Fong will appear on the podcast, discussing a variety of effects and stunt work, including the work that was used to create the courtroom scene in the season finale. 2, specifically all those head bangs and the ‘intricate’. work involved.

Costume designer Laura Jean “LJ” Shannon will also discuss the show’s approach to making costumes based on the “psychology” of the characters. Director and Executive Producer Phil Sgriccia will also be on the podcast, accompanied by cinematographer Dan Stoloff, to discuss the show’s approach to world-building that is “elevated” and “grounded in realism.”

Produced by At Will Media, The Boys: The Official Podcast will be available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music on April 15.

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