Apex Legends reaches 100 million global players

Apex Legends has officially amassed more than 100 million players around the world. Developer Respawn celebrated the news and teased a huge announcement.

Free to play Battle Royale Apex legends It has amassed over 100 million players since its launch in 2019, but developer Respawn Entertainment says it’s just getting started. The developer shared the news on social media with a video that brought together a ton of fans playing. Apex legends online and teased with more news coming soon for the battle royale.

Despite Apex Legends’ many issues, it has made a big name for itself over the years. When it was launched, Fortnite was increasing in popularity, PUBG was at its peak, and games like Obligations they were testing the waters for the genre. Titan’s Fall Developer Respawn figured out a way to forge its gunplay and overall gameplay, less titans and wall running, and put it into a hero shooter mixed with a battle royale. The idea was quite ambitious, but it paid off and stood tall as one of the most recognized free games on the market.

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In just over two years, Apex legends has amassed over 100 million players and has mastered the genre. Reappear celebrated the news online with a fan-focused video. Respawn also teased a major announcement on April 19, likely regarding its upcoming new season, which some theorize may see the return of the giant robotic titans from the other major Respawn franchise.

Apex legends It recently arrived on Nintendo Switch, and while it’s a pretty weak version of the game compared to other consoles and PCs, this ensures that the game is available on all major platforms. The only other comparable battle royale on Nintendo Switch is Fortnite, which also generates tons of players and cash from in-game transactions. Call of Duty: War Zone It has yet to make the leap from Xbox, PlayStation, and PC and probably never will, but it still manages to hold its own against its two competitors. Given the way these three Battle Royale games are played and the fact that they are all free to play, it’s no wonder they are so successful. There is significant variety in the game between them all and they don’t cost $ 60 each, making them easily accessible to everyone.

Despite the fact that fans have criticized Respawn with problems in Apex legends, seems to be a game that very few people can give up. Fast-paced gun gameplay and unique characters certainly make it a blast to not only play, but also to watch. Some battle royale games can get a bit boring, given that the matches can turn into camping in the corners or wandering around until a player takes a sniper in the back, but Apex legends combine things like movement and dialogue skills to keep downtime attractive. The game is likely to continue to welcome new players thanks to its ever-evolving nature and fun gameplay.

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