Back to the future: 5 happiest moments (and 5 saddest moments)

The movie Return to the future it is one of the most memorable films of the eighties. A great adventure awaits Marty McFly when he travels back in time! Between trying to go back to his own time and trying to reunite his parents, Marty’s plate is full and he creates many unforgettable moments between the characters in the film.

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Audiences definitely remember that poignant moment when Doc dies, as well as when Marty finally returns to 1985 thanks to lightning. The movie is full of many happy moments, but it also has its fair share of sad ones.

10 Happier: Doc invents something that works

Doc and Marty in Back to the Future

Doc Brown is a genius, but it’s not until he invents a time machine out of a DeLorean that one of his inventions really works. He is naturally excited and enthusiastically shows it to Marty before meeting a tragic and untimely death.

When Marty finishes in 1955 and shows it to Doc, the latter is excited to see it and find out that something he makes up in the future will work. Doc has worked hard for many years, and knowing that hard work would pay off meant a lot to Doc.

9 Sadder: Marty’s family life in the beginning of the movie

Lorena sitting at a table in Back to the Future

Lorraine McFly was a far cry from the happy teenager she was in 1955 when the public first met her. George McFly struggled with confidence and couldn’t cope with Biff; still doing his job for him and taking hits without a fight. Marty’s brothers lacked a real address.

Not surprisingly, Marty feared rejection in his own aspirations to be a musician; Going back in time improved the lives of his entire family, given that they looked quite miserable at the beginning of the movie.

8 Happier: Marty’s family life has changed

Marty’s trip to the past did a lot of good for his home life in the future. When he returns, he discovers that his parents are happier people and have a better life than before. By helping George with his trust in the past, Marty built a better future for his entire family.

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George is clearly more successful and has maintained that confidence, given that he has written a book and is still facing off with Biff. Also, Lorraine is happier with her life and Marty’s brothers are more motivated than before.

7 Sadder: Every time Biff bullied George

Biff holding George in Back to the Future

Biff was a brutal bully. He banned George from the cafe, makes George do his homework, and often belittles and humiliates him.

No wonder George’s confidence was so low; he really needed a friend like Marty to be there for him and help him go beyond his comfort zone, even if Marty had to play “Darth Vader” to finally convince George to take Lorraine to the dance.

6 Happier: George confronts Biff

George pointing fingers in Back to the Future

George struggles with his confidence, but with Marty’s help, he gradually overcomes that hurdle. Marty arranges a plan for the night of the school dance to get Lorraine interested in George, but when Biff shows up, Marty’s plan falls apart.

Instead, a significant new moment occurs when George saves Lorraine from Biff and knocks out the bully, thus getting the girl and the happy ending. The audience was certainly happy for George and Lorraine, and for Marty, who had managed to reunite their parents.

5 Sadder: there may be no way home

Marty and Jennifer in Back to the Future

When Marty lands in 1955, he will be in for a huge shock, and not just when it comes to culture. There is a time when there seems to be no way to go back to 1985 as Doc declares that it is impossible to acquire 1.21 gigawatts. Fortunately, Marty remembers the steering wheel in his pocket, and they both know exactly when and where to get the beam, or 1.21 gigawatts, they need to make time travel possible.

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That moment of the possibility of Marty having to stay in 1955 was scary and sad, as Marty would have had to leave his life behind, including his family, friends, and Jennifer.

4 Happier: Marty’s Return

Marty sitting in the car and gaping in Back to the Future

After a long week in 1955, Marty is more than ready to return to his life in 1985. One of the happiest moments in the film is the anticipation of Marty’s journey back to his own time; Between the DeLorean’s refusal to start and the tree branch interfering with Marty and Doc’s plan to send the former back to the future, he seems grim for a moment or two before their plan succeeds.

As Marty comments upon his return, everything looks “great”, and he was clearly happy to be home.

3 Sadder: Marty’s gang is rejected

Marty playing with his band in Back to the Future

Marty and his band are happily playing and doing their thing, until they are rejected because they are “too loud”. Despondent, Marty tells Jennifer that he fears rejection and doesn’t want to end up like his parents. This moment is universally identifiable; especially for anyone who has been in Marty’s shoes.

The rejection of Marty’s gang was brutal; Although it didn’t mean that they would be rejected forever, it was still a sad moment in the movie.

two Happier: Finding Doc Alive

Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future

Marty had a terrifying moment when he thought that, once again, he couldn’t save his friend Doc from certain death. He rushes back to the early future, hoping to warn Doc before it’s too late, but arrives in time to see Doc get shot, just as it had happened before Marty headed into the future.

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However, Marty’s pain is only temporary once he realizes that his beloved friend is still alive, after all, after all, he decided to read Marty’s note, which in turn saved Marty’s life. Doc and of course made more movies possible with these two beloved characters.

1 Sadder: Doc’s death

Doc is shot by a Libyan in Back to the Future

Doc is successful in building his time machine, but unfortunately, it meant stealing from terrorists to complete his invention. Somehow, the terrorists manage to locate Doc in the mall parking lot and shoot him dead, while Marty testifies and narrowly escapes in the DeLorean.

It was obviously horrible for Marty to watch his friend die, and it was definitely the saddest moment in the movie.

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