During a fight to protect an international ally in Batman: The Detective, DC reveals what kind of enemy does not gain any restrictions from the Dark Knight.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: The Detective # 1 by Tom Taylor, Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson and Clem Robins, on sale now.

Batman has faced almost all types of criminals and threats during his storied career as a superhero and fighting crime. He has fought everything from reluctant avengers to devious assassins, with an unbreakable code at the heart of his mission. But it turns out that there is a type of criminal for whom he has no illusions of moderation.

While facing a gang of terrorists who attack an ally inside a hospital in Batman: The Detective # 1, Batman Reveals The People Who Attack Hospitals Are The Kind Of Criminals He Has Not mercy for.

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Batman White Knights Hospital

Despite his usual commitment to fighting criminals primarily in Gotham City, Batman has to fly to Britain to find out more about a terrorist attack that specifically references people who had been saved by the Dark Knight throughout the years. In part, he does it to help Beryl Hutchinson, the current Knight, who was seriously injured trying to save lives during the attack. After visiting Beryl in the hospital to learn more about the attack and verify her longtime ally, Batman’s monitoring technology is able to locate a handful of enemies moving towards the building in an effort to complete. his previous actions and killing her and Beryl. new companion, the last Squire.

Confronting the group of killers who break into the hospital, Batman thinks to himself about how both of his parents were “doctors.” Thomas wayne status as a medic and Alfred’s role in combat time as an Air Force medic. As a result, Batman notices to himself that he has no mercy on anyone who attacks a hospital. Rather than fight them with some sense of restraint, Batman attacks with a brutal sense of efficiency, knocking all four attackers down and throwing them out of a window. He even uses his enemies to cushion his landing. Strike as hard as you can against the assassins, striking them with a brutal edge that “takes the fight out of them.” Despite being outnumbered, Batman is able to force all four into a terrified and total retreat, even capturing one of them for questioning.

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Batman Detective Merciless White Knights

It’s a minor moment for Batman, but a perfect clue to the sorts of things that really get under Batman’s skin. While you can dedicate yourself to fighting crime, you are also committed to saving as many lives as you can. Protecting people and making sure no family goes through the kind of pain that he’s endured is one of Batman’s main motivations. So seeing a group of murderers who are not only willing to take the lives that he saved previously, but who are capable of attacking a hospital, another institution dedicated to saving lives, really infuriates him. Their attack could easily have resulted in civilian casualties, and the fact that they would even consider a hospital an acceptable battlefield runs counter to everything Batman is meant to do: find criminals and threats where they lurk, and keep places like safe. hospitals. .

With Alfred’s death during “City of Bane” still on Bruce, it could be seen as a very raw nerve for his new enemies to mess with. Especially considering how many times Bruce survived his mission as Batman only thanks to Alfred’s intervention and his medical skills, he talks about how seriously Bruce takes that practice, and how much it genuinely offends him that others don’t share that reverence. The fact that they do it in silver suits, designed to look like Batman, only makes it worse. It’s the perfect thing to get under the Dark Knight’s skin and the kind of thing that can leave an entire squad of trained assassins running in terror of a raging Caped Crusader.

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