With enthusiasm slowly building for Rock’s appearance as Black Adam, fans are beginning to speculate on who might be joining the DC hero.

The DCEU is expanding and one of the next properties to adapt is Black Adam. He is getting his own feature film and will be bringing in other DC characters for his first live action appearances. Among the roster of characters are Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, Isis, and Doctor Fate.

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The JSA has been confirmed to be an active team in Black adam, the first time the public will see them appear in the DCEU. Although it appears that casting announcements have been made, there could be more characters that will appear in the film that will not be announced or will not be announced. surprise features.

10 Doctor Sivana could make a comeback after his Shazam debut

Doctor Sivana Shazam Mark Strong

The public met the sinister Doctor Sivana in Shazam! (2019). At the end of the movie, he is left in his prison cell, alone and defeated. However, he is seen chatting with Mr. Mind in a post-credit scene, showing his intention to return in the future. Weather Black adam could possibly take place years before the events of Shazam! does not rule out the possibility of Dr. Sivana appearing in another post-credit scene set in the future.

9 Could Mr. Mind be in another post-credit scene?

Viewers got to meet Mr. Mind for a brief second at From Shazam post-credit scene with Dr. Sivana. Despite his small size, Mr. Mind is a very powerful alien that should not be underestimated. It is not known how old he is or if he is capable of time travel. There might be a possibility that Mr. Mind appears as a surprise cameo in the upcoming Black Adam movie, as his character could act as a bridge between Shazam! Y Black adam.

8 The magician could make another appearance

Other Shazam! character that could appear in Black adam is the magician. The Wizard is the one who gave Billy Batson his powers and, in turn, probably gave Black Adam divine powers. Black adam is meant to be an origin story, so Wizard is likely to have a cameo in the next movie.

7 Snyder’s Zeus could have a cameo

Audiences haven’t seen much of Zeus in the DCEU, other than his brief appearance in a flashback in By Zack Snyder League of Justice. Wonder Woman and the Amazons have mentioned him before, as he is Wonder Woman’s biological father. Since Black Adam has the powers of the Greek gods, the public can see some of these gods appear in one form or another.

6 Green Lantern Alan Scott could make his DCEU debut in Black Adam

Members of JSA Hawkman and Atom Smasher have been confirmed to appear in the next film, causing fans to speculate which other JSA members might appear. Alan Scott is the first Green Lantern and a member of the JSA.

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Members of the Green Lantern Corps will get an HBO Max spin-off series tied to the DCEU. Alan Scott has been confirmed to be a character in the upcoming series, and he could easily appear in the movie.

5 Doctor Mid-nite is another JSA member who could appear

JSA Mid-Nite Doctor

Another JSA member that could appear is Doctor Mid-nite. He’s a lesser-known member compared to The Flash or Stargirl, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great addition. Dr. Mid-nite is blind during the day but can see in the dark. He is extremely smart and his skill set could be very useful to the DCEU JSA team.

4 Hawkgirl could be rewritten

Hawkgirl’s perceptible The film’s absence got fans talking, so much so that Dwayne the Rock Johnson spoke up to explain why. Said she absence from the film allowed another female character, Cyclonee, to be added.

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Some fans weren’t happy with this answer, feeling that there was a limit to the number of female characters that could appear in the movie compared to male characters. Hawkgirl is a very popular hero and the fact that his removal sparked fan protests shows WB that he is a worthy addition to the movie. There could still be a chance that it will be added again or included as a cameo.

3 The original black canary could be in the JSA

Dinah Drake as Black Canary

Audiences first met Black Canary, aka Dinah Lance, in 2020 at Birds of Prey. In the movie, Dinah Drake is mentioned periodically as she is the mother of Dinah Lance who died fighting crime in Gotham when Dinah was young. In the comics, Dinah Drake is one of the founding members of JSA. Having Dinah Drake appear in Black Adam could be a way to bring the DCEU even closer.

two Jay Garrick could possibly appear as a member of JSA

Jay Garrick's first glimpse

Jay Garrick is another JSA member who could appear in Black Adam. He was Flash long before Barry Allen was born. Some would say that Jay Garrick is a JSA staple, and is considered a highly iconic and respected hero. Not only that, but with the ability to travel back in time, Jay could appear at any point during the movie, regardless of the time period.

1 Stargirl could shine like any JSA member

Stargirl recently got her own show on DC Universe (which has now moved to the CW) and proved herself to be a lovable heroine who could attract a audience. Stargirl was a regular member of the JSA in the comics and helps form a new JSA on her show. Her charm and youthful outlook on life could be a great addition to the movie and give teenage audiences a character to relate to.

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