Crunchyroll Announces Spring Anime Dubs

From the debut anime Tokyo Revengers to So I’m a Spider part 2, So What ?, Crunchyroll will produce English dubbing for five anime this spring.

Five new anime will receive voiceovers this spring.

Crunchyroll revealed five anime airing this spring that will be dubbed and streamed on its streaming service, including the highly anticipated Tokyo Avengers, the philosophical To your eternity, the two fantasy series I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and part 2 of So I’m a spider, so what? and comedy Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2.

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Made by the studio behind Arslan senki Y Maddened (2016), Tokyo Avengers premiered this Sunday, introducing viewers to the grim story of Takemichi Hanagaki, who must travel back in time to his youth to rewrite the future and save his recently murdered ex-girlfriend Hinata. No casting announcements have been made yet, but Crunchyroll confirmed Tokyo Avengers you will receive a dubbing in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French, as well as To your eternity, I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years Y So I’m a spider, so what?

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To your eternity is a supernatural drama that follows him, a mysterious and emotionless immortal entity who is capable of assuming the shape and form of the objects and beings around him. Travel to Earth and assume the form of an abandoned child, setting out on a journey to discover more about this strange world. The original manga the series is based on is by Yoshitoki Ōima, author of The Beloved Review. A silent voice.

Based on a light novel by Kisetsu Morita and illustrated by Benio, I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years follows office worker Azusa Aizawa who dies from overwork and is reincarnated as an immortal witch in a new fantasy world. There he unknowingly becomes the highest tier by continually killing sludge and reaping the XP rewards for hundreds of years. The series describes her attempts to live a moderate and stress-free life, despite the dangers and inconveniences her immense power creates for her.

So I’m a spider, so what? is the story of a girl who, with her entire class, is reincarnated in a fantasy world reminiscent of a role-playing game. But while his classmates are reincarnated as princes and kings, the locked-in nerd Kumoko is reincarnated as a spider, one of the weakest beings in this world. A seasoned RPG player, the morally ambiguous Kumoko realizes that she must strategically hunt down low-level prey in order to level up and survive. Brianna Knickerbocker from Carole and Tuesday (Tuesday and Re: zero (Rem) fame is set to reprise her role as Kumoko for part 2, with Laura Post (The march comes like a lion, great suitor), Landon McDonald (Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer), Xander Mobus (The Rising of the Shield Hero, DELETED) and Cherami Leigh (Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon) fulfilling secondary roles.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a comic anime about fourteen-year-old Iruma Suzuki. After his parents sell him to the demon Sullivan, the monster prepares him to become the next Demon King. Sullivan forces Iruma to enroll in the demon school Babyls, of which Sullivan is the president, and Iruma must desperately try to hide the fact that he is actually human from his classmates. Season 2 English Dub will see Laura Stahl (The Promised Neverland, Genshin Impact) reprises his role as Iruma Suzuki, Billy Kametz (Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) as Alice Asmodeus and Kayli Mills (Re: Zero, Sword Art Online: Alicization) as Valac Clara, romantically frustrated.

Crunchyroll also announced three fantasy anime that they will be producing international dubbing for, including That time I got reincarnated as a slime, Re: Zero – Starting life in another world Y The rise of the shield hero. That time I got reincarnated as a slime You will receive a French, Spanish and Portuguese dub of its first season and five OVAs. Re: zero It will receive a Spanish and Portuguese dubbing of its second season and two OVAs. Rise of the Shield Hero You will also receive a dubbing in Portuguese, Spanish and French.

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