Dragon Ball Super: Every time Goku became Super Saiyan God (in chronological order)

Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God in Dragonballz the battle of the gods it was an undeniable game changer. It was the first Saiyan transformation to use god ki and he looked drastically different from any previous Super Saiyan form, giving the user a leaner physique (rather than a more muscular one) and turning their hair and eyes red, rather than golden. and green.

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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection FHowever, he introduced the even stronger Super Saiyan Blue, which became Goku predominant transformation in Dragon ball super. However, he would still use Super Saiyan God from time to time, not only as an Easter egg, but also for practical purposes.

10 When He Fought Beerus (Film, Anime and Manga)

In all versions of God’s battle, Goku summoned Shenron to ask him about the Super Saiyan God, who explained that it was a transformation that a good-hearted Saiyan could perform by participating in a ritual with five other benevolent Saiyans. With the surprise help of the unborn Pan, Goku turned himself into a Super Saiyan God.

In the movie and the Dragon ball super anime, the transformation eventually disappeared without Goku noticing, but the experience had made Goku’s base and the Super Saiyan form much stronger, allowing him to continue fighting Beerus. In the manga, however, Goku remained a Super Saiyan God throughout the fight.

9 When he stopped Beerus from destroying Earth (Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods Movie)

Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku

While Goku had unconsciously turned off from Super Saiyan God in the God’s battle movie and the Dragon ball super television series, he used the transformation one last time in the first to prevent Beerus from wiping out Earth. However, even though Goku’s strength as a normal Super Saiyan had grown immensely thanks to his body “learning” from being a Super Saiyan God, he was unable to stop Beerus’s attack in his first golden hair form.

Only when Goku saw an image of Chi-Chi and his friends calling him by name, was he able to once again become a Super Saiyan God and finally nullify Beerus’s attack.

8 When he fought Hit in the Tournament of Destroyers (Manga)

During Beerus and Champa’s tournament, Goku only used two of his transformations in the anime: the original Super Saiyan form and Super Saiyan Blue. By fighting Hit in the penultimate match of the tournament, Goku even increased Super Saiyan Blue’s power with the Kaio-Ken.

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However, Goku did not use the Kaio-Ken in the manga, instead adding one more transformation to the fight: Super Saiyan God. The change eventually forced Hit to stop holding back and reveal his full power. He then performed one last Time-Skip, but Goku actually “broke” it by turning into a Super Saiyan Blue in the nick of time.

7 When he faced Future Trunks (Manga)

Super Saiyan God Goku kicking Trunks

In the Dragon ball super anime and manga, Trunks and Goku began their match as Super Saiyan 2s. The match ended abruptly in the anime when Goku became a Super Saiyan 3, easily exceeding Trunks’ power.

However, as for the manga, Vegeta claimed the Super Saiyan 2 form of Trunks. matched Goku’s Super Saiyan 3. Goku, perhaps in agreement, ended the match quickly, dodging Trunks’ sword strike before kicking the back of his neck. Although Goku’s full body wasn’t fully displayed, the telltale flashes of the Super Saiyan God’s aura could be seen around his foot … something Beerus and Whis noticed, but Trunks didn’t.

6 After failing to catch Zamasu with the evil containment wave (Manga)

Super Saiyan God Goku vs. Zamas (Zamasu)

Super Saiyan God returned in the manga version of the Future Trunks arc. Replicating Goku’s strategy from the Tournament of Destroyers, Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan God to retain stamina, but kept going Super Saiyan Blue momentarily before hitting Goku Black.

Goku, on the other hand, used the Super Saiyan God form out of necessity, rather than strategy. Unable to catch Future Zamasu with the Evil Containment Wave as a Super Saiyan Blue, Goku continued to fight as a Super Saiyan God instead, as the containment technique had depleted his energy. The form was enough against Zamasu, however … that was, until Potara merged with Goku Black.

5 When he fought Top at the Zeno Expo (Manga)

Super Saiyan God vs. Toppo

When Goku and Top fought at the anime’s Zen Expo, Goku only used the Super Saiyan transformation, which Top easily overcame, and Super Saiyan Blue, which Top struggled to keep up with.

In the manga, Goku used all his transformations available, at the request of the Omni Kings. This included Super Saiyan God, who Goku became when he saw that even Super Saiyan 3 was ineffective against Top (aka “Toppo”). Beerus then pressured Goku to turn into Super Saiyan Blue for a quick victory; instead, Top defeated Super Saiyan Blue Goku with a kick… but he admitted that he would have lost if Goku had hit him.

4 When he fought Dyspo and K’nsi with Hit (Anime)

Super Saiyan God Goku and Hit

Hit eventually turned Dyspo around during the Tournament of Power, tricking the rabbit-shaped warrior into falling out of the ring. However, Dyspo’s fellow Pride Trooper, K’nsi, used his energy threads to push Dyspo back and inhibit Hit’s movements. Just as Dyspo was about to attack Hit, Goku leapt onto the scene in his Super Saiyan God form, blocking Dyspo’s blow.

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From there, Goku largely remained in Super Saiyan God form, briefly switching to Super Saiyan Blue to catch Dyspo off guard and block K’nsi’s threads, as well as to overcome his explosions.

3 When he fought Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie)

As fans well know, Goku rarely fights at full power right away, preferring to study his enemy first. Things were no different in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, where Goku began fighting Broly in his basic form. However, after seeing Broly’s power increase dramatically, Goku upped the ante, first becoming a normal Super Saiyan before finally awakening his Super Saiyan God form.

Goku then held Broly still for several moments in an energy field and tried to convince him. However, Broly was too consumed with his own rage to listen, actually turning the God Bind field towards Goku and giving him a good beating.

two When Moro absorbed his and Vegeta’s energy (manga)

Moro absorbs Goku's energy.

After fighting the evil wizard Moro in space, Grand Supreme Kai (in Buu’s body) teleported the villain to the surface of the planet so that Goku and Vegeta could unite.

By then, however, Moro had already asked Porunga to grant his three wishes … including the release of the fiercest prisoners of the Galactic Patrol. The escaped convicts joined Moro, causing Goku and Vegeta to immediately turn on Blue. However, they involuntarily fell back into god form, as Moro had begun to absorb their energy. Goku and “Buu” were eventually forced to retreat with the help of Merus and Jaco, while Vegeta went with the Galactic Patrolman Irico to Yardrat.

1 Training with Merus at the Galactic Patrol HQ

Super Saiyan God Goku and Merus

Goku quickly realized that the Galactic Patrol officer Merus was hiding his true power. After Merus dodged one of his blows, Goku suggested that they find a place where he could get a better idea of ​​Merus’s strength. Merus led them to a training room aboard the Galactic Patrol’s main base, where they began their fight.

Unable to hit Merus even as a Super Saiyan 3, Goku went up to Super Saiyan God, but stopped when Jaco noticed that the room could not withstand Goku’s power for much longer. Goku then asked Merus to help him hone Ultra Instinct – appropriate, since Merus was secretly an angel.

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