Explanation of the army of dead zombies: alphas, shamblers and animals

Zack Snyder’s movie about the Army of the Dead zombie heist hits Netflix in May, and will feature a wide range of zombies, from a zombie tiger to Elvis.

Zack Snyder’s zombie heist movie Army of the dead will feature a wide variety of different types of zombies, including some unusually smart ones. The film marks Snyder’s first film with Netflix, and it will also be his return to the zombie genre after his first film as a director, 2004. Dawn of the Dead. After a teaser earlier this year that featured a glimpse of the film, the recent debut of the first full trailer shows a very different kind of zombie movie.

Army of the dead sees Dave Bautista play Scott Ward, who is recruited to lead a team of mercenaries in Las Vegas to recover millions of dollars for the wealthy benefactor of Hiroyuki Sanada, with the city completely overrun by zombies. Unfortunately, the mercenaries soon discover that the horde of zombies they face is far from a typical mass of the undead. Within the walled desert city, the zombies themselves are not only as relentless as ever, but many have developed intelligence and even seemingly formed a society, or rather an army, of territorial zombie warriors.

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Army of the dead It is scheduled for a limited theatrical release and will make its Netflix debut on May 21. The teaser and the first full trailer for the film still keep a large chunk of the film undiscovered, putting an ironic twist on Judy Garland’s “Lucky Day” and Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” in their respective soundtracks, but without ambiguity. on the zombie scale. horde that the human team will face during their heist in Las Vegas. Army of the dead It already looks like a zombie movie like no other, with a wide variety of zombies at your disposal. Here are the different types of zombies that will be seen in Army of the dead.


Zombie queen in Army of the Dead

The biggest change from the typical zombie formula is the introduction of Alpha zombies in Army of the dead. As seen in the trailer, the Alphas take mercenaries by surprise who become far more intelligent than the typical zombie, and even apparently possess a certain level of sensitivity, as the line indicates. “they are smarter, faster, organized“There also appears to be a sense of community and even hierarchy among Alphas, with what looks like an Alpha king and queen seen in the trailer, carrying crude batons and thrusting their fists in the air as their fellow zombies watch. Snyder himself has also described that there is “Alpha elites“among the largest Alpha horde.

Snyder has compared Alphas to wolves and has also said that they are meant to bring some shades of gray to the scene of human mercenaries attacking zombies. Snyder said in an interview with Empire that he wanted “create this moral ambiguity about whether or not the human beings we love in the movie crossed a line.“Previous zombie movies like Land of death Y warm bodies explored the notion of zombies maintaining and / or regaining their human intelligence to varying degrees, while Army of the dead will present a new angle of intelligent zombies that will become a tribe and become a much greater threat than ever.


Army of the Dead Las Vegas Zombies Trailer

Army of the dead It will also be home to many Shambler zombies. These are the typical reeling, undead feeding machines seen in every zombie movie, including Snyder’s. Dawn of the Dead. That movie started from the slow-moving zombies in George Romero’s 1978 original, the remake’s zombies running after their human prey like ravenous animals. The trailer shows the zombies running, and while watching it isn’t entirely clear whether it’s Alphas or Shamblers, the zombies in the movie overall look very agile and formidable, dodging bullets and swords alike from their human foes.

Snyder has also stated that the Shamblers in Army of the dead It will be seen in three different stages, with a different blood color for each one. This probably relates to the time elapsed since the ex-human turned into a zombie and the stage of decomposition his body has reached. No zombie movie would be complete without the Shamblers who made the zombie genre what it is today, and Army of the dead clearly going to have a lot of them.

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Animals Zombies

Dead Zombie Tiger Army

Humans turned into zombies won’t be the only undead characters in Army of the dead, with different types of zombie animals that will have a fairly significant presence in the film. The trailer offers a glimpse of this with one of the Alphas riding a zombie horse, but an even more prominent focus is given to a zombie tiger in the trailer. While there is no complete picture yet of what other types of zombie animals will appear in Army of the dead, there are some hints of how contagious the movie version of the zombie plague really is.

When it comes to the animal kingdom in Army of the dead, the birds themselves will be immune to the zombie virus. Snyder has also confirmed that zombie dogs will appear in the upcoming prequel. Army of thievesand has even joked about oysters. The number of zombie animals that appear in Army of the dead it is not yet known, but the mercenary team will surely find themselves unexpectedly fighting several of them, and the zombie horse and tiger will surely be the main protagonists of the action.

Throughout, Zack Snyder has boasted a level of creative freedom that he has never known before. Army of the dead, and it certainly shows from the marketing of the movie so far. With different types of zombies to play with and the introduction of a cleverer underground zombie kingdom now ruling over Las Vegas, the movie is sure to be one of the largest-scale zombie movies in recent memory, tying that concept to a movie by heists for something quite different from your average zombie movie. With Zack Snyder smashing so many different variants of zombies, Army of the dead It will apparently become the zombie movie to beat of 2021.

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  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release Date: May 21, 2021

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