‘F9’ Director Justin Lin Discusses His Two-Movie ‘Liberating’ Approach To Ending The Franchise

The ‘Tokyo Drift’ filmmaker will close the series with ‘F10’ and ‘F11’.


Weather F9 is set to be one of the biggest movies of the year when it hits theaters this summer, the director said. Justin lin is working hard to chart the end of the franchise. Lin has been with Fast and Furious since the second movie, Tokyo driftand through helming Fast and Furious, Fast five, Y Fast and Furious 6 helped evolve the series from a mid-level hit to a global phenomenon. Other directors stepped in to direct Furious 7 Y Fate of the Furious while Lin was working on things like Real detective Y Star trek beyond, but when Vin Diesel began to think about the conclusion of the series, he knew that Lin was the right person to bring this franchise home. So Lin didn’t just lead F9, but the franchise will conclude with a two-movie finale from Fast and furious 10 Y Fast and furious 11.

So when Collider’s own Steve Weintraub spoke to Lin recently for an early press day to F9, he asked the filmmaker about approaching the end of the franchise and if F9 ends in a suspense to lead to the end of two parts:

“Usually when we started, part of our philosophy was that a sequel is not a fact, so let’s do what we can and really serve this chapter, and it worked really well. But I think to come back, and I think for the last ten For years, I’ve been talking to Vin about the end of the saga. It was something we discussed, and I have to say, coming back, this is the first time I’ve allowed myself to say, ‘Okay, well let’s talk about it like the chapter end. ‘And we knew the real estate industry would expand beyond a movie. So it’s been very liberating to work and we really allowed ourselves to think that way. ”

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Lin added that usually when preparing a F&F movie, I would have conversations with the actors about their characters, only for those plans to fall by the wayside once they actually made the movie. But with F10 Y F11, there is enough space for everything you want:

“This movie could have been six hours long if we wanted to because I love all of these characters. And I think a lot of times when I sit down with each actor and we talk about the character, it always sucks because so much of what we talk about is what we never see. on screen. So being able to revisit a lot of these characters, for me, was very rewarding. But at the same time, I wanted to have more real estate, but I think we were very disciplined. For me, part of this is knowing that we didn’t we are treating this as a single movie. I mean, there are many things that we are exploring. I think we are exploring this idea of ​​rivalry and conflict between siblings, blood family for the first time in [F9]. And to be able to do that but at the same time bring back a lot of these characters, a lot is happening. I feel good talking to you now because I know we are talking about it in multiple movies instead of just one movie … It’s definitely very meaty, I’ll tell you. ”

Fast and furious 10 It was originally supposed to hit theaters in 2021, but when F9 (originally scheduled for release in 2020) delayed due to pandemic, Universal withdrew Fast and furious 10 since its release date and Lin has yet to begin production of the two-part finale. But with F9 will finally hit theaters on June 25, 2021, look for things to start increasing F10 Y F11 later this year.

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