Fear the Walking Dead reveals why Morgan left main show (and won’t be back)

Faced with a pessimistic John Dorie, Fear The Walking Dead’s Morgan Jones explains his departure from the main show and reveals why he won’t be back.

Fear of the walking deadThe mid-season premiere addresses Morgan Jones’ departure from the main show and also hints at why he won’t be returning. Played by Lennie James, Morgan Jones is a veteran of the zombie apocalypse, the first man Rick Grimes meets after waking up from a coma and realizing that the world had taken a left turn during his absence. Morgan finally joined the main Living Dead aired in season 6, arriving in Alexandria just in time to see Rick covered in blood execute another resident. But throughout his time on the main show, Morgan was never able to decide whether to be a super violent warrior or a Zen pacifist, eventually leaving without saying goodbye.

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Obviously, Morgan’s departure from The Walking Dead was designed to facilitate your arrival at Fear of the walking deadBut from an in-universe perspective, his long journey across the US has been a bit ambiguous in terms of what he hoped to accomplish. It’s also strange why Morgan has abandoned efforts to return to Alexandria, especially now that he has a hat, an ax, and a new attitude. Once he has taken care of Ginny, Morgan would have the perfect opportunity to go home, but instead he is building a new community. Although we know the true reason (Lennie James is much better served in the spin-off), the explanation of the canon is not so clear.

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Morgan rarely talks about Rick and the old gang in Fear of the walking dead, but “The Door” from season 6, provides the most detailed information yet on why Morgan left Alexandria, and also why he won’t be returning there anytime soon. “The Door” finds John Dorie in the same mental space Morgan had towards the end of All Out War. John believes that his confrontational attitude towards the slaughter has corrupted his soul and endangered those around him. To solve this imaginary problem, Garret Dillahunt’s John isolates himself and contemplates suicide. Common sense speaking to the sniper, Morgan refers to his own experiences, imploring, “you’re like that guy who walked the middle of the country to get away from the people he cared about the most and found himself sitting in front of the campfire. “

When he was switching programs for the first time, Morgan used to say “I lose people, I lose myself“- a rather nonsensical TV snippet. However, when comparing Morgan’s departure to John’s current dilemma, Fear of the walking dead It gives a much more substantive idea of ​​why Morgan left Rick behind. Morgan couldn’t live with the body count necessary to protect his friends from people like the Saviors, but neither could he live with guilt when his mercy resulted in the death of his allies (which is exactly what happened to the Wolves). Morgan did not leave Alexandria to escape the people she knew; it was a misguided self-imposed exile designed to “protect” those he cared about, while punishing himself. If Morgan Jones had had a remote cabin like John Dorie, he probably would have gone there and saved the field work.

More interesting is how evident Morgan’s regret is – how deeply he wishes he hadn’t turned his back on Rick and the others. Despite this, Morgan strongly suggests that he no longer has any intention of returning. Continuing with his speech to John, Morgan explains that Fear of the walking deadthe survivors are yours “family“and the only approach. Morgan considers meeting John, Alicia, Daniel, not you, Strand, Dwight and the rest as some kind of divine providence, and instead of traveling to Alexandria as previously planned, he is now determined to create a community with his new family from scratch. Morgan even calls John her “best friend.“Fortunately, Rick Grimes was not present to hear that. While Morgan once sought to bring his new friends to Alexandria, it appears that Ginny’s ordeal has strengthened their bond, effectively surpassing Rick and company as the people with whom Morgan feels closer, leaving him with no reason to return, and meeting Grace is undoubtedly another major factor in Morgan’s change of mind.

As he explains his reasons for running away, there is a detectable hint of shame in Morgan’s voice, a deep remorse that he still carries with him. Fear of the walking dead season 6. Deep down, Morgan may not want to confront Rick, Carol, Maggie, and the others, explain why he abandoned them, and then humbly ask that they take his people in. It’s almost as if Morgan can guess all the evidence. Alexandria suffered in her absence (the disappearance of Rick, Whisperers, etc.), and how desperately they could have used her help.

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