Flash corrects the chilblade avoiding copying Captain Cold

Chillblaine from DC Comics was featured in The Flash and instead of being a Captain Cold impersonator, the Arrowverse managed to turn him into his own character.

The flash features DC Comics’ Chillblaine, who managed to become a character on his own by not copying the late Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. Since then Legends of tomorrow season 1 killed Captain Cold, The flash he’s had to use Wentworth Miller’s DC character in other ways. From using an older version of Snart to Earth-X’s Citizen Cold, the Arrowverse will never be able to use the original Captain Cold unless they undo his death. Since it is unlikely to happen, The flash continues to introduce a new ice villain in the Arrowverse of the DC Universe. On The flash Season 7, Episode 7, “Growing Pains,” the DC drama featured Jon Cor as Mark Blaine, also known as Chillblaine, a lesser enemy in the Flash mythology.

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Weather The flash Chillblaine could have easily turned out to be a clone or scam of Captain Cold, the Arrowverse reinvented Mark to stand as a unique character. In the comics, Chillblaine had a history with Snart using his cold technology while in a romantic relationship with Captain Cold’s sister, Golden Glider. “Growing Pains”, however, establishes Mark as a cryogenic obsessed with Killer Frost’s ice abilities. By tricking Killer Frost, Mark used a neurogenic scanner to copy his powers to make his ice gauntlets work, giving Chillblaine a new origin story on how he operates as a cold villain. The flash avoid making Chillblaine a clone of Snart by doing it this way, even though Mark is evidently a mild replacement for Captain Cold.

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The benefit of Chillblaine being a tinier villain in the books is that it gives The flash unleash to create a new version of it. There have been several chilblains that have had brief runs throughout The flash comic books. The Arrowverse could have easily turned Mark into a Captain Cold 2.0, which wouldn’t have been interesting. Captain Cold is a unique character who does not benefit from having duplicates or copycats. Putting a cold pistol in someone’s hands does not qualify them to carry the title of Snart. That’s why The flash He did the right thing by reinventing Chillblaine and connecting him to Killer Frost instead. Mark is still an ice villain while also having his own standalone mythology.

Mark’s comment to Killer Frost about not being a thief helps separate him from Snart, even though he had to steal his creation from Ivo Labs. The flash He has featured most of The Rogues throughout his career, but never officially had them team up. Except for a few small alliances, the Arrowverse series has never seen them all together at the same time. Since Heatwave went to Legends of tomorrow, has radically changed, which means that it is unlikely The Rogues will ever have a traditional team in The flash. At this point, it is more realistic than The flash The franchise will give fans a chance for a proper reunion of The Rogues in the DCEU after the first Ezra Miller installment.

That’s why it works for The flash season 7 to use Chillblaine as a new icy villain for Team Flash to fight. One of the strengths that started in The flash Season 6 is how the writers bring in some less famous foes with new twists on them. From Bloodwork, Mirror Mistress (a gender-swapped version of the second Mirror Master), Psych, to Chillblaine, it’s good to see. The flash continues to create new threats by reinventing some of the hero’s lesser-known baddies. With the introduction of Chillblaine in The flash, the series managed to avoid making Mark’s Arrowverse iteration a knockoff version of Captain Cold and established him as a new threat in Central City.

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