Frozen Plot Hole Explanation: Why Iduna Didn’t Understand Elsa’s Powers

Frozen 2 revealed that Queen Iduna had a magical upbringing, but this is why she didn’t seem to understand Elsa’s powers in the first movie.

Frozen 2 created a plot hole when it was revealed that Queen Iduna had a magical background but didn’t seem to understand Elsa’s magical powers, but there are a few key reasons why this could be. On FrozenQueen Iduna and her husband, King Agnarr, were supporting characters looking for some answers about young Elsa’s ice powers when Anna was accidentally injured. The King and Queen of Arendelle consulted Grand Pabbie and the rock trolls before embarking on a journey out to sea, where they perished in a storm. Iduna didn’t have much dialogue during those scenes, and her husband seemed to be leading the search for answers about Elsa.

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The fact that Iduna seemed unfamiliar with magic, and the fact that it was Agnarr’s idea to consult the rock trolls, created an apparent plot hole once. Frozen 2 was released. The film explores Iduna’s background as a member of the Northuldra indigenous group, which coexisted with the four elemental spirits in the Enchanted Forest. If Iduna had been exposed to magic at a young age, it doesn’t seem clear why she didn’t understand Elsa’s powers.

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However, Frozen 2 reveals some clues that explain why Iduna didn’t understand Elsa. Although Iduna had once lived with the magical spirits in the Enchanted Forest, she and the rest of Northuldra had no control or possession over them. Therefore, it was unusual for Iduna to witness another human being possessing magical powers. Furthermore, Elsa’s magic was clearly different from that of the elemental spirits. While Elsa had command over snow and ice, they were not the essence of her being, while Gale was the wind or Nokk was Water. This could explain why Iduna takes a backseat during the scene where she and Agnarr consult the rock trolls for answers about Elsa, as it was something she hadn’t experienced before.

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna Frozen 2

If Iduna had some ideas, it also makes sense why she wouldn’t speak. When Elsa finally reaches Ahtohallan, she witnesses a flashback of the embrace of adult Agnarr and Iduna. Iduna looks worried and she tells him: “I need to tell you about my past and where I am from.“This means that, at the time, Agnarr did not know about Iduna’s background in Northuldra, or that she was the one who saved him in the forest so many years ago. She had kept it a secret, probably fearing how the Arendellians would react due to the conflict. Among her groups, this also explains why Iduna heeded Grand Pabbie’s warning in the first movie and decided to keep Elsa protected from Arendelle’s people to avoid further fear and tension.

Whether Iduna didn’t understand her daughter’s specific powers or chose to step back for Elsa’s sake, it helps explain the plot hole that Frozen 2 seemed to create. Although Iduna’s backstory was a compelling sequel, Elsa and Anna’s special bond ultimately saved Arendelle once again. Rumor has it that Frozen 3 could happen, which may give even more clues to Disney’s iconic ice queen.

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