GTA Online streamer KylieBitkin harassed by xQc fans jumping on chat

An altercation on a Grand Theft Auto Online RPG server led to streamer KylieBitkin being harassed by fellow streamer xQc’s audience.

A role play Grand Theft Auto Online Streamer, KylieBitkin, was recently harassed by her partner’s viewers Twitch streamer xQc. KylieBitkin has been a streamer on Twitch since 2019 and is a member of the role-playing game server NoPixel. xQc, the online alias for ex-professional Supervision Gamer Felix Lengyel, is now a full-time Twitch streamer for esports organization Luminosity Gaming.

Grand Theft Auto Online It has remained very popular since its launch in 2013, due in large part to developer Rockstar Games’ continued support for the online multiplayer title. American rapper and internet personality Lil Nas X recently suggested that Rockstar should host virtual concerts using GTA Online as a platform. Fans have backed the rapper’s suggestion, with many believing that he should be the first performer in the game, should the idea be implemented. Adding fuel to this suggestion is the fact that the game’s latest major expansion, the Cayo Perico Heist update, added a nightclub with live music from real-world musical artists.

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A recent altercation between Grand Theft Auto Online role players KylieBitkin and xQc, reported by Right handed, led to KylieBitkin being harassed by her chat hopping fans. While playing on the NoPixel RPG server, KylieBitkin’s law enforcement character came across xQc’s character robbing a bank. After a brief peaceful negotiation, KylieBitkin killed xQc’s character while he turned his back on her, enraging her fans who quickly joined KylieBitkin’s broadcast and began to harass her. According to Right handed In a follow-up, xQc instructed his fans not to retaliate, threatening to ban anyone from chatting and harassing his fellow streamer.

xQx Twitchcon Ban

Grand Theft Auto OnlineThe RPG community can be a lot of fun, but there is always the possibility of negative interaction. xQx was recently banned from the NoPixel server due to allegedly encouraging fans to harass other NoPixel streamers on Twitch. The ban was expected to be prolonged, but his recent altercation with KylieBitkin confirms that he has now returned to the role-playing channel. GTA Online Role-playing players Valkyrae and Summit1g have recently spoken out about their viewers’ toxicity, with both streamers expressing that they have considered moving away from the broadcast. Unfortunately, criticism from viewers and general negativity have ruined the game’s role-playing scene for both players.

Role playing can be an entertaining and engaging experience, but for many streamers their audience has managed to spoil the fun. Harassment is never an appropriate response to any situation, and for streamers like xQc their audience seems to be completely out of their control. In order to Twitch streamers like KylieBitkin, who once enjoyed role-playing games on Grand Theft Auto Online, the whole experience can be completely messy.

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