Guardians of the Galaxy Groot just got more powerful than ever

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy just received a huge power upgrade that made him even more powerful than ever in Marvel Comics.

Warning! Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 13 below!

Big is one of Guardians of the Galaxy sweeter and beloved members, but when the time is right, the tree-shaped creature is capable of being a powerful force that can pierce through enemies with ease. In his last fight to protect the galaxy from an invasion by the Progenitors, Groot has just received a power from the perfect source: Star-Lord and his new powers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have undergone considerable changes over the past year, with the most notable transformation being for Star-Lord. He recently became the Master of the Sun and was granted God-like powers, after nearly dying and spending more than 180 years in a dimension called Morinus. His Element Gun finally took the energy of the Olympian gods and Peter Quill became more powerful than ever when he finally returned to his own dimension. With the incredible powers, Star-Lord just gave Groot a huge power boost with his Element Gun that shows how potentially the pair could operate together in the future.

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On Guardians of the Galaxy # 13 by Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri and Federico Blee, the team begins their time as the new protectors of the galaxy, replacing the Nova Corps. When the massive Progenitors arrive on Throneworld II, the capital planet of the new Kree / Skrull alliance, the Guardians respond and attempt to stop them. After one of the Progenitors grabs Groot by the neck in the fight that follows, Star-Lord decides to use his Elemental Weapon as the Master of the Four Elements to give his teammate a power upgrade with the essence of growth. .

Once Groot is propelled by Elemental Gun, he grows bigger and stronger and reaches the Progenitors’ mouth / stomach and grows their vines and branches all over his body. In a gruesome scene, Progenitor Groot’s fights are shown with branches sticking out of his body, even out of his eyes and mouth.

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Killing Progenitor

The Guardians would defeat the Progenitors and the team would succeed in their new mission as protectors of the galaxy. The battle showed that Star-Lord’s new powers are more than just an upgrade to him, as he can take advantage of his Element Gun and his new abilities to give his teammates potential upgrades. In this case, Peter used his Element Gun to make Groot even more powerful than he already was, leading to the Guardians’ victory. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what Star-Lord is capable of now and which of his teammates will benefit from his divine powers, like Big. Guardians of the Galaxy # 13 is already in stores.

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