How to get the Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

The Elder Dragon Bone is one of the endgame crafting items in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide will show players how to find this valuable item.

The Elder Dragon Bone is one of the best crafting items players can find at Monster hunter rise. This guide will show players how they can find and farm this item. When players first begin their adventure, they are sent out into the world to kill lesser monsters or search for materials in the wild. As players get stronger, they will unlock higher level missions. Starting with 1-star missions and reaching 7-star missions is part of the journey. While the story of Monster hunter rise is minimal, it acts as a way to complete the game’s main set of missions. Once players begin to reach the end of the game, they will unlock some of the most difficult missions available. This is how players will be able to find the Elder Dragon Bone.

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There are two different elder dragons present in Monster hunter rise, The Narwa Thunder Serpent and Ibushi Wind Serpent. Players will face these enemies as the final challenge in the story. Although, defeating them directly does not unlock the Elder Dragon Bone. This item can be used to craft high-level armor and weapons. This is how players can obtain the Elder Dragon Bone.

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1 How to get the Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

To obtain the Elder Dragon Bone, players will need to complete the final mission of the game. To do this, players must first complete Rank 7 missions to unlock this mission. It will appear after the player has completed the quest “Thunder Serpent Goddess” as part of the Hunter’s Log. Fortunately, players can replay this mission over and over for the same reward if the player wishes to have multiple. Players can use this material to upgrade weapons such as the Abominable Hammer, Tiger Stinger II, Doom Bringer Blades, and more. Ultimately it all comes down to building the player’s character and what they would like to prioritize when building their characters.

Monster hunter rise It can be a bit tricky to get the best materials in the game, but it’s worth it. Being able to go back and complete missions that you may have jumped down from lower ranks is a great way to feel the true power of a monster hunter. It will be interesting to see how the game handles DLC in the future. Post-launch support is essential to keep this game alive.

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Monster hunter rise is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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