Joker reveals who is REALLY funding Commissioner Gordon Quest

In the wake of “Joker War,” retiree Jim Gordon was tasked with locating the Joker, and some familiar faces are behind the hunt.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Joker # 2, by James Tynion IV, Guillem March, Arif Prianto and Tom Napolitano, out now.

While the Joker has been plaguing Gotham City for years, two recent events seem to have definitely made it Public Enemy No. 1. After plunging the entire city into fiery chaos during the “Joker War” crossover event, the murderous supervillain was linked to a devastating attack on Arkham Asylum that resulted in the deaths of hundreds, including the murder of Bane.

And while the Joker managed to elude authorities and flee the country, retired Police Commissioner Jim Gordon has been inadvertently employed by a sinister organization to permanently take down the clown: The Court of Owls.

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Joker Court of Owls

In the wake of the Joker’s latest attacks, Gordon was visibly haunted by everything the supervillain had inflicted on him and his family over the years. While Gordon mourned the death of his son James Gordon, Jr., who died during the “Joker’s War,” a mysterious woman approached him and offered him $ 25 million to track down the Joker to his current hideout in Belize and kill him. And while Gordon seriously contemplates accepting this lucrative offer, even after advising Batman that he had received the offer, it is revealed that his benefactress, a young woman named Mrs. Clarke, works for the Court of Owls, with her successful recruitment of Gordon. led Clarke to officially join their masked ranks.

The Court of Owls has had a grudge against the Joker even before the events of “Joker War”. In the run-up to his brazen attack on Gotham, the Clown Prince of Crime raided a court-maintained crypt where they stored their undead assassins, the Talons. The Joker used a serum developed by the Court of Owls to raise and command the Talons, enlisting Bruce Wayne’s supposed long-lost brother Lincoln March to take on the Dark Knight. Between this and hitting Gotham in back-to-back deadly attacks, the Court of Owls has clearly had enough of the clown meddling and is looking to get the supervillain off the board by any means necessary.

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Joker Cressedia Court of Owls

The conversation between Clarke and the Court of Owls hints that her family was in debt to the Court and trapping Gordon in her globetrotting revenge plan was a way for her to clear her family’s position and regain a seat at the head table. of the Court. And with Gordon on the plane to Belize to track down the Joker and potentially kill him, the venerable lawman has no idea that he is technically on the Court of Owls payroll and serves as a glorified messenger for them to fulfill their latest vendetta in the Foreign.

While the Joker has terrorized Gotham City for years, it appears he has finally enraged the secret society that has been orchestrating the city’s progression from the shadows for generations. The Court of Owls has relied on unwitting representatives to further its agenda before and, with Jim Gordon now working as a literal rental weapon for the Court, one of Gotham’s noblest crime fighters is now under its employ. Gordon is still undecided about killing the Joker, but if he decides to back down on Clarke’s offer, he may have become a more deadly foe than the Clown Prince of Crime.

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