Killer Frost faces potentially devastating fate in new flash promo

The next episode of Flash teases a potentially devastating fate in court for Killer Frost if the jury finds her guilty of her charges.

Frost is judged for her past sins as a supervillain in a new promo for The Flash.

The promotion of the eighth episode of season 7 begins with a television report that says that “Killer Frost will be sentenced today at the Central City Courthouse”, sparking the legal battle that is coming. From there, it shows Cecile defending Frost in court by stating that she “only wishes to serve alongside our city’s greatest protector, Flash,” while Kristen Kramer, who led the state-sanctioned arrest of Frost, advocates for have their metapowers permanently removed. . The stakes in this outcome result in a heart-to-heart between Caitlin Snow and Frost over the fate of their relationship, despite Kramer’s insistence at the end that “justice always wins.”

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Frost’s uncertain fate marks the culmination of Caitlin’s alter ego trying to officially reform herself, just as her malevolent actions as Killer Frost from seasons 3 and 4 result in legitimate consequences. Recent episode of the Flash “Problems Growing” revealed that while the central city dropped all charges against frost, due to its previous exploits, along with Flash and his allies, the state never officially closed his case and sent Kramer to make sure that she is put on trial. This occurs shortly after Caitlin and Frost split into two separate bodies, thanks to an explosion from the Mirror Mistress’ Mirror Gun. This resulted in giving the latter the opportunity to finally live as his own person.

“Growing Pains” saw Frost indicted for an ice-related murder, despite forensics not syncing up with her specific cryogenic particles. Kramer later arrested Caitlin for the crime while suspecting her connection to Frost, though unaware that the two recently separated. Eventually, the culprit is discovered to be Mark Blaine’s bartender, a former cryogeneticist who became obsessed with Frost’s powers and managed to artificially replicate himself, dubbing “Chillblaine.” Despite defeating Chillblaine and proving his innocence for this specific crime, Frost ultimately decided to turn himself in to the Central City Police Department for his past crimes so that Caitlin could go free.

The flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Vald├ęs, and Tom Cavanagh. The series returns from hiatus on Tuesday, May 4 at 8 p.m. ET / PT on The CW.

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