Mad Gay Bachelor Colton’s GMA Interview Fans Left Cassie Out Stalking Accusations

Bachelor fans are happy that Colton Underwood came out gay, but they are also upset that his interview with GMA ignored Cassie Randolph’s stalking claims.

The Bachelor Season 23 leader Colton Underwood came out gay, but fans are upset that his interview with Good morning america It completely ignored Cassie Randolph’s stalking claims and the subsequent restraining order she filed against her. For a love story that seemed straight out of a fairy tale, Colton and Cassie’s relationship after they finished filming. The Bachelor It was reportedly nothing more than a nightmare. It all started when the protagonist, who identified as a very religious man and remained a virgin until marriage, did not propose to Cassie in the season 23 finale.

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While Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph remained together for some time after their stint of The Bachelor Wrapped up, the couple kept pushing all their wedding plans, eventually breaking up in May 2020. Fans were shocked to hear the news, but as time passed, it became increasingly clear to everyone that something much more. sinister was happening. among them. In September 2020, Cassie filed a restraining order against Colton, alleging that he physically stalked her, harassed her via text messages from a burner phone, and placed a tracking device inside her car.

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Today, The Bachelor Star Colton Underwood came out gay during an interview with Good morning america. But while the Bachelor Nation is happy to see him step into his truth and accept who he is, many fans have mentioned how Cassie Randolph was largely ignored as a theme in his GMA interview. As seen in the tweets below, many fans and celebrities are happy about Colton’s departure, but also upset that he was not asked to directly address the stalking charges, and the restraining order, that Cassie filed against him.

This Bachelor Nation reaction grew even stronger after reports came out that Colton Underwood had already landed a new series with Netflix that would document his story before, during and after coming out as a gay man. Fans are concerned Colton is being given a “Approve” for his past behavior and is subsequently trying to erase his actions without directly addressing them. And even LGTBQIA + media personalities are warning others that celebrating one’s submission story should not erase that person’s mistakes, which clearly affected Cassie to the extent that she filed a restraining order. .

Hopefully Colton will take the time to directly address what happened with Cassie and will do the work to make amends for that. The media should also make room for Cassie to talk about her own post.The Bachelor experiment and tell your side of the story, which is as relevant as Colton’s coming out. Ultimately, anyone of any sexual orientation should remain responsible for past allegations related to stalking and harassment.

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