Magic: The Gathering: Strixhaven Decks, Strategies, and Notable Cards

The newest expansion for Magic: The Gathering it is Strixhaven: Wizard SchoolBut this new creative setup isn’t just limited to the expansion itself. Wizards of the Coast showcases the most elite university in the Multiverse, and Commander’s five new pre-build decks are based on Strixhaven’s five competing schools of magic. This is too cool a setup for a single product.

The Commander format has long gained legitimacy and support from Wizards. Most of Commander’s pre-builds are based on general themes throughout the entire game and are not tied to a particular block or setting. However, exceptions can be found, such as the white-blue Spirits Commander deck and the black-green Elves Commander deck. Kaldheim place. Is now StrixhavenIts the turn.

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Lorehold’s Commander’s Deck: Lorehold’s Inheritances

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On Strixhaven, Lorehold’s school cares a lot about artifacts and the graveyard, not to mention good old-fashioned red-white aggro and burning effects. The Lorehold Legacies Commander deck further emphasizes artifacts, and since these decks won’t disrupt the Standard environment or the Limited booster draft, Wizards can get away with putting powerful and eye-catching artifacts and effects on it.

Classic and themed artifacts are back, like Steel supervisor (a must for Modern Affinity decks), Key to the city (ideal for evasion and feeding the graveyard), Meteor Golem, Folemn fax, Hedron Archive and of course the ubiquitous Sun Ring. These artifacts synergize with the other cards in the deck that can retrieve artifacts from the graveyard or sacrifice them, and players can trade cards to further enhance the artifact theme. Power artifacts like Colossus of Blightsteel, Tiller coil motor, Mindslaver, Hourglass and more are also fair game to add to this deck.

Many white and red cards in this deck care about artifacts in some way, such as cheap elimination Shipment, which buff and can totally exile a target creature if the caster has metallurgy (three or more artifacts under its control). Losheel, Clockwork Scholar is a legendary white creature that prevents damage to friendly artifact creatures if they are attacking, and Bold transformers, a monkey-red creature, can melt artifacts to get a new one from the library at random (a bit like Polymorph for artifacts). So there is Jor Kadeen, the prevailing, a legend that returns from New Pyrexia set to grant a massive power boost to all friendly creatures if Metalcraft is online.

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Prismari Commander Deck: Prismari Performance

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The Prismari Performance deck focuses on blue and red’s love for big, graceful spells and deceptive creatures. This is not a platform for efficient beaters or appliances; instead, large instants and sorceries will triumph. These Prismari creatures can enable these great spells or draw power from them. Crackling Drake can hit hard if Prismari’s player is casting enough spells. The new legendary creature Veyran, voice of duality he can empower himself through sorcery mechanic, and sorcery and similar abilities will activate for an additional time with Veyran around.

If all friendly creatures get double firepower, like Erratic cyclops or Talrand, summoner of heaven, the Prismari player can get ahead quickly. Creatures like Living lore (from the Khans of Tarkir block) and Dualcaster Wizard They also care a lot about instants and spells. Adding any of the Niv-Mizzet creatures can also help by drawing cards and dealing damage while attacking in midair.

This Commander pre-build deck leaves room for amazing spells and artifacts like Dig through time Y Treasure cruise, both of which were too powerful even for Legacy, but they are fair game here. Pyromancer glasses he can add some red mana and double any instant or sorcery cast with that mana, which is sure to set the sorcery in a frenzy of impulsive magic. Blasphemous act you can inexpensively reset the board if things get out of hand, and Primsari’s deck is rounded off with cheap but notable cards like Great idea, Unfaithful plunder Y Resculpting so you have something to do early in the game.

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The Witherbloom Commander’s Deck: Witherbloom Witchcraft

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In the original Strixhaven Established, the Witherbloom school was all about gaining life and using that life gain to fuel dark magic, such as making Pest tokens, killing creatures, or reviving the dead just dropped from the compost heap. The same goes for the Witherbloom Witchcraft deck, which uses powerful color life gain cards from across the game. Noxious gearhulk is a power of the Kaladesh block, a powerful 5/4 threatening creature that can kill something while also gaining life, easily fueling the Witherbloom game plan.

Nissa Renaissance will increase the mana base in the late game and gain health, and Venous Witch Coven he will use this life gain to pay B and bring a creature from the graveyard to hand. And it’s not just the Coven who is profiting from life; Eternal entity get + 1 / + 1 counters based on the amount of life gained, and Defiant Blood Lord is a huge 4/5 vampire beater that causes an opponent to lose life when the Witherbloom player gains life.

Further, Venser’s Journal allows the player to keep all his extra cards if he draws them, and Loxodon Warhammer, a classic Equipment card, can give a creature + 3 / + 0 and lifelink and trample, fueling the health gain strategy while dealing heavy damage. Then removal spells like Spear of Mortality, Feed the swarm Y Granite look he can kill the opposition while supplying everyone’s cemeteries. These colors will also support other removal spells, ranging from Maelstrom Pulse to Abrupt decline, Hero fall Y Assassin trophy.

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The Silverquill Commander Deck: Silverquill Statement

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The black-white Commander deck is based on the Silverquill school, whose students are famous for their clever, insightful rhetoric and cunning ways. These students know how to trip and disorient their enemies before landing the brutal final blow, and indeed the Silverquill Statement deck can run in circles around opponents, no matter what the opponent is doing. This deck is almost like a “good stuff” build for the colors, making use of elimination / exile effects, creating creature tokens, making players face each other or making deals, discouraging enemy attacks, and gaining life. , among other effects.

Felisa, Fang of Silverquill it’s a 3/2 shuttlecock with a mentor (usually a Boros effect). It can make Inkling tokens tapped 2/1 if a friendly creature died while it had counters on it (like + 1 / + 1 counters or even -1 / -1). With the Mentor ability, Felisa herself can place counters on her allies. Teysa, Ghost Envoys he’s another white-backed legend, but he’s more defensive, being the ultimate blocker while heavily punishing creatures that dare to harm Silverquill’s student (and make flying tokens in the process). Other ruthless creatures like Angel of serenity Y Fain, the runner they also make an appearance here.

Silverquill’s Declaration deck has a number of non-creature spells, such as Inkshield, to stop an opponent’s assault in its tracks and obtain a flock of Inkling creature tokens to return fire later. Curse of Disturbance will encourage other players to stack an unlucky opponent and get free 2/2 black zombie crafting tokens, and Ghostly prison it will make it insanely expensive for players to attack the Silverquill player, especially with broad strategies. Support cards like Knell of debtors, Fracture, Absolute end, Vow of Duty Y Crafty rhetoric help complete this deck very well.

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The Quandrix Commander deck: Quantum Quandrix

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Meanwhile, the Simic colored deck relies primarily on two things: creating creature tokens and pumping friendly creatures with infinite + 1 / + 1 counters. The Quantum Quandrix deck also includes cards to take advantage of all these strong creatures, such as draw additional cards, the perfect synthesis of green and blue mana. Many creatures in this deck are tokens or make tokens, with Raging baloths returning from the original Zendikar block, and Hydra Breeding Master will make some X / X Hydra creature tokens when it becomes monstrous.

Hornet queen make foursome of flying deathtouch creature tokens, and Desolation Twin he is a colossal 10/10 Eldrazi that makes a symbolic copy of himself when he arrives on the battlefield. Meanwhile, creatures ranging from Plaxcaster Frogling, Forgotten old man, Hatching Druid Y Managorger Hydra can get + 1 / + 1 counters and / or benefit other creatures that have them.

This deck has some support spells on hand to back these creatures up, like Shamanic revelation, which draws cards and (potentially) gains life if the Quandrix player has considerable board status at hand. Spit image Y Rite of replication can make symbolic copies of existing creatures, and Paradox zone he can double his growth counters and make Fractal creature tokens. That is sure to grow exponentially as the game progresses. Mana ramp cards are also available, such as Kodama scope Y Rampant growthas well as deletion like Rapid hybridization and the now classic Inner beast.

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