The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update will change the way players collect iron ingots, but it’s not much different from how they get them now.

Iron ingots have been a staple ingredient in Minecraft crafting recipes for several years, and have been sourced in the same way since their release in the early days of mining and crafting. However, the way players obtain Iron Ingots is about to change once the Caves & Cliffs update arrives later this year. This guide will explain how players will get iron ingots after the update and what other changes are being made to the iron.

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Iron is one of the most useful materials in Minecraft due to the number of recipes in which it is used. Iron is used to make tools at the beginning of a new world, it is also used to make curtains and flint and steel. Players also need iron to craft important Redstone components, mine cart rails, and even beacon bases. Over a player’s time in a world, they will need to mine a ton of iron, and the Caves & Cliffs update will make obtaining iron a bit easier. This is how players can get iron ingots in Minecraft 1.17.

Get iron ingots in Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft Gold Iron Ores

Before the Caves & Cliffs update, players collected iron ore blocks during mining and then melted the entire ore block in exchange for an iron ingot. Now, Mojang Studios has changed iron and gold to be more consistent with any other mineral. Instead of dropping blocks of ore, iron ore will now spew out raw iron when broken. This also means that players can use enchanted pickaxes with Fortune to increase the amount of raw iron that falls from ore blocks. Raw iron can be smelted with a 1: 1 iron ingot return. However, players can use the silk touch on iron ore to collect ore blocks that can still be smelted into iron ingots.

Like Diamonds, Coal, and Redstone, players will collect a lot more materials if they hope to use a Fortune Pick on Iron Ore. While this is an improved way to mine iron manually, it is still not as fast as building iron golem farms. For less technical players, this is a great upgrade from pre-Caves & Cliffs mining, but it does mean that a player’s inventory will fill up faster. It may be worth using a Silk Touch pickaxe initially and then a Fortune pickaxe once the player returns to the surface.

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