My Hero Academia: One For All’s new Deku domain still comes at a price

Although Deku has vastly improved his use of One For All, Chapter # 308 highlights that his battle approach must change to maintain the advantage.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My hero academia Chapter # 308, “Full Power !!” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English on Viz Media.

Chapter # 308, “Full Power !!” from My hero academia It shifts the focus back to Deku, showing off his newfound mastery of all the skills passed down by previous All For One users. At first, it seemed like Deku’s demeanor had changed to a more serious one in the manga’s just started arc, but This latest chapter confirms that your primary concern for the safety of others remains your priority.

The Muscular villain is excited to take on Deku once more in Chapter # 308, but the current One For All wielder uses every skill at his disposal to ensure that battle damage is minimized. It is still unclear how using all of these Quirks affects Deku’s body, which has long been his biggest obstacle to using the power-accumulating Quirk alone. A warning warning from the sixth user, En, hints at the future roadblocks in Deku’s path, while revealing that Deku’s absence was not completely spent alone, and shows how he handles the situation with Muscular.

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Deku’s appreciation of each Quirk transmitted through One For All is the underlying factor as to why the Quirks of past bearers are effective in battle. En calls Deku telling him that he is treating them with too much respect. They should be used as useful tools, but knowing Deku, that’s not a possibility. Deku’s admiration for Quirks is what led him to acquire One For All. He truly understands what it means to be powerless, so simply claiming that any Gift is a mere ‘tool’ is an understatement in his eyes.

Although Deku appreciates all the powers that have been granted to him, he still has a lot to learn about each Quirk’s threshold, and using all of the Quirks at the same time puts a greater cost on his body. Being the ninth user of One For All means that Deku currently feels the greatest tension from the overwhelming power accumulated from one user to another. En’s presence indicates that he is still being trained by previous bearers to better understand how to use his Quirks without exhausting himself too quickly. And luckily for Deku, En, who lives up to his villain encounters, fosters a more strategic approach to battle.

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It also appears that Deku is trying to figure out the motivations behind every villain he encounters. After feeling Shigaraki’s true feelings, Deku can’t get rid of the fact that even the villains need to be saved. When it comes to Muscular, Deku discovers that his malice and lust for blood do not stem from any inherent suffering. But since Deku is also not afraid to make quick judgments when deciding when a fight is unavoidable, he finally unleashes his full power against Muscular.

Since Deku is currently unaware of their movements, Shigaraki and All For One must be hiding in the shadows. Deku continues to gather information on them regardless, probably trying to figure out what their next move is. After all, Deku’s decision to leave UA High was All For One’s search for him. Currently, it appears that Deku has turned the tables on All For One and Shigaraki, which could mean that Deku is currently stronger than both, or that the two villains are not cooperating properly, which makes sense after All For One kidnapped. Shigaraki’s body. for your own personal benefit.

Overall, Chapter # 308 does a great job of showing how Deku has grown up as the ninth bearer of One For All. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but Deku is back on his original path in terms of saving others. You can only go Plus Ultra! from here.

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