New Fast & Furious 9 trailer secretly hints at Paul Walker’s Brian’s fate

Brian retired from Dom’s team in The Fast Saga, but a new scene in the latest F9 trailer is teasing a different fate. So what does it mean?

The latest trailer for F9 briefly hinted at Brian O’Conner’s fate in The Fast Saga. The character, played by Paul Walker, was a mainstay of the Fast and Furious franchise until the actor’s tragic death in 2013. Starring a total of six installments in the franchise, Furious 7 served as Brian’s final entry, considering Walker’s passing before filming for the film ended. Although the character was thought to be alive and well in the series, the new images could be revealing a revised fate for a beloved character.

Initially scheduled to launch in 2019, F9 experienced several delays with their planned debut, being delayed five times so far. That said, it remains one of the most anticipated titles in 2021, as avid plans are eager to welcome Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his loyal team. While the film will largely focus on Dom’s brother Jakob Toretto (John Cena), much of the excitement centers around Sung Kang’s surprise return in his role as Han Lue. The first full trailer of F9 confirmed the return of fan favorites, plus the characters involved who made their franchise debut in Tokyo drift. Brian is not expected to appear in the new film, considering that he is officially retired from the dangerous globetrotting missions.

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There have been some rumors that Brian will make a F9 appearance in some capacity with the help of special effects and body stunts. Considering that that could lead to controversy, Brian is more likely to exist in the form of flashbacks and footage. However, the new trailer for F9 he set out to show Brian as Dom narrated a key sequence. After talking about the change, he says: “there are moments that separate us“while his character looks at a device that plays a clip of Brian playing on the beach with his son Jack.” The video is footage presented at the Fast and furious 9 the trailer is from the end of Furious 7, which served as a tearful goodbye for Brian and the actor who played her. Based on Dom’s short sequence and voiceover, The Fast Saga could be signaling Brian’s passing in the fictional universe.

Fast and Furious 7 Dom and Brian

As Dom looks at the images, he appears to be in a depressed state. The death of a friend who became more like a brother would certainly fall into the category of separating moments. It has often been wondered if The Fast Saga would take Brian’s character off-screen to better explain the character’s absence during vital missions. Given the circumstances, it made sense why Brian took a step back. Still, story-wise, it’s now impossible to think that he would continue to sit on the sidelines, especially when his wife, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), is involved in Dom’s conflicts. Perhaps enough time has passed for the cast and crew. the team put the character at peace, but in a classy way.

On the other hand, the loaded scene with Dom remembering Brian could indicate that he simply misses the presence of his loyal friend. No matter the situation, Dom would always worry about Brian, but maybe Brian’s retirement put him on a different path. Instead of dragging him back, Dom could accept the fact that things have changed, giving him a reason to leave Brian out of the new mess with his long-lost brother. Mia may feel compelled to help, as there is another Toretto involved. Of course, just because Brian is no longer in the limelight of The Fast Saga doesn’t mean that Walker is forgotten in the franchise. F9 confirms that he is still on the minds of his closest allies.

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  • F9 / Fast and Furious 9 (2021)Release date: June 25, 2021

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