New ‘Nomadland’ documentary goes behind the scenes of Oscar leader Chloé Zhao

‘See You Down the Road’ explores how Chloé Zhao made her cross country drama with Frances McDormand.

Nomadland Frances McDormand

director Chloe zhaocritically acclaimed film Nomadland has received a special documentary short film about the making of the film entitled See you on the way. Available on YouTube, the story of how the movie was made is itself engaging and moving, especially for those looking to learn more about how it all came together. Nomadland is a powerful film about the community, the loss and the recovery of the heavy hand that life has given him when he hit the road. Beautifully photographed and built from the breathtaking views of various American landscapes, it is as impressive as it is painful.

The cinematographic mastery displayed in this short documentary shows why Zhao was recently nominated for Best Director at the Oscars, becoming the first woman of Asian descent and the first non-white woman to receive a nomination. Her film is largely considered a Best Picture favorite, and is nominated in many other categories at the Academy Awards, with Best Actress nominations for Frances McDormand, Adapted script and film editing.

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A two-time Oscar winner, McDormand observes in the documentary that the film exists as a “great document of a very specific time in our world” of people left in limbo who make a life for themselves wherever they may find it along the way. The documentary analyzes how the camera itself bears witness to the lives of its subjects, almost becoming a documentary almost in its own right. One of the most notable aspects is how the documentary offers a closer look at some of the non-professional actors and how they came to appear in the film. Zhao is no stranger to highlighting real people living real lives. Your previous job – 2017 The horseman and 2015’s Songs that my brothers taught me – taking advantage of the authentic truths that come with living a life that is as hard as it is liberating.

Zhao also talked about his filmmaking process to make it feel “like I’ve spent a year with those little short cuts.” Zhao has certainly been successful, as the entire journey feels genuine and lived from its painful beginning to its cathartic conclusion. There is also a breakdown of an outstanding long follow-up shot that shows Fern walking through the desert. Director of photography Joshua James Richards explains how it was based on Hal ashby1976 film Bound for glory, which was the first Steadicam shoot in movie history.

Perhaps the most positive endorsement comes from the author and journalist Jessica brother. Bruder wrote “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century,” which served as source material for Zhao’s film. “A movie is a different creature than a book. They are different art forms, but the way they fit together, I love how Chloé and then Frances were able to fight their way through all these worlds that have meant so much to me, ”said Bruder. “Seeing them strung together like beads on a string in this really beautiful way has been amazing to watch.”

You can see the Nomadland documentary below.

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