A new Pokémon GO Glitch has caused two Pokémon, Skrelp and Clauncher, to appear invisible in the AR mobile game, but the support team has issued a fix.

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon go, warned players that Pokémon Skrelp and Clauncher have a glitch in the mobile AR app. This bug has made these two new Water Pokémon invisible in the world, making it nearly impossible for players to find them.

Pokemon go is an AR mobile application that allows Pokémon fans to explore the real world and find Pokémon to catch and collect. These Pokémon are spawned around the world, and the app uses the player’s actual location to create an environment filled with Pokémon to explore and interact with. Pokemon go allows players to find these adorable monsters to trade, train, fight and hatch. The AR game has been incredibly successful, with massive updates almost 5 years since its release.

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According to a recent tweet from the developer Niantic, the support team has learned of an ongoing technical problem. The support team says that players who are using an older version of the game cannot see the new Pokémon. Those who have been experiencing this issue just need to go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update the Pokemon go application manually to fix the problem. This will make both Skrelp and Clauncher visible in the world to players.

Skrelp and Clauncher joined the Pokemon go Rival Week event recently. Both Pokémon are from Pokemon x Y Pokémon Y on the 3DS, as part of the sixth generation of Pokémon. Skrelp is Kelp’s Simulacrum Pokémon, which resembles a leafy sea dragon that lives in the ocean and turns into Dragalge. Clauncher is the Water Gun Pokémon. It resembles a crab and can shoot water from its claws, and evolves into Clawitzer. As its corresponding Pokemon go The event indicates, these two creatures don’t tend to get along on the show.

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Pokemon go is running a series of events in April, including the ongoing Rival’s Week event. Next week, Pokemon go will hold a Friendship Day event on April 24 that will feature grass-type Pokémon appearing more frequently throughout the day. Simultaneously, Pokemon go will hold a Sustainability Event to promote Earth Day from April 20-25. These in-game events are a great opportunity for players to fill their Pokédex and find shiny Pokémon in greater numbers.

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