Bachelor student Taylor Nolan took time away from social media and the public eye following the resurgence of offensive tweets from her past.

Taylor Nolan, student of The Bachelor who has spoken openly about social justice issues related to the franchise, fell silent after it sparked a controversy on social media. After offensive tweets from his past resurfaced, Nolan took time away from social media. Now he’s back with more to say about the scandal.

Nolan appeared in Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, where she was best known for fighting fellow contestant Corrine Olympios. Since her appearance on the show, Nolan has been involved in anti-racism efforts both inside and outside the franchise. But while she’s been outspoken about holding other Bachelor Nation figures accountable, she found herself at the center of a firestorm on social media when offensive posts from her own past resurfaced in March. In numerous positions spanning multiple years, Nolan mocked and stereotyped members of various racial and ethnic groups, people with disabilities and mental illness, and people he found physically unattractive. He also trivialized sexual assault and suicide.

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After news of Nolan’s tweets broke, he posted a video explaining and defending himself. Because Nolan was primarily focused on the social justice work that she has done herself in the years since her troublesome tweets, some fans viewed Nolan’s statement as more of an excuse than an apology. He then deleted the video and posted a second apology on his Instagram page. Then Nolan was silent on social media for two weeks, then posted a Photo with the legend “Taking time and space to refocus and reflect”. Without a doubt, the intense reaction he received from the Bachelor Nation led Nolan away from the public eye.

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Nolan has maintained a relatively low-key social media profile for the past month, with the exception of a handful of posts that address recent social justice issues. However, he broke his silence around his own controversy by posting an article on Medium where he addressed his problematic statements. In the article, Nolan said that the hateful, racist and empowering opinions she expressed in her tweets were the result of the bullying and racism that she herself experienced as a biracial woman. However, the Bachelor Nation felt that the Medium article did not show true responsibility on Nolan’s part.

In addition to the social media backlash he’s received, Nolan may also be facing very real professional consequences for his offensive remarks. Nolan is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington state and posted a significant portion of her offensive tweets while completing her professional training. After receiving multiple complaints about Nolan, a spokesman for the Washington Department of Health announced that they were officially opening an investigation. As the drama escalates both online and offline, Nolan seems to be doing his best to stay out of the public eye.

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