‘Star Trek: Next Gen Gates McFadden is launching a podcast’ Trek ‘fans will want to hear

You’ll chat with other ‘Star Trek’ veterans, co-stars, and more.


The Star trek universe is officially launching a new podcast from one of its most iconic actresses. Gates mcfadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent Star trek movies, will host Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who do you think you are?. The limited series podcast will premiere on May 12 and will be available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, Amazon Music, and more.

“I can’t say I know the ins and outs of podcasting, although I’m learning,” McFadden said in a statement, “but I know how to be funny and goofy, serious and sincere, and ultimately how to have fun conversations with my extraordinary group of close friends. of Star trek Serie. And no, we don’t dissect the episodes, we talk about our lives. ”


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That group of close friends will include others Star trek veterans like Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton, Brent spiner, Marina Sirtis Y Denise Crosby, among others. Wheaton, specifically, played Wesley Crusher, the son of McFadden’s character on the show, so that episode should definitely spark an interesting conversation.

The podcast is being produced by NacelleCast, the company that produced Netflix’s The movies they made us Y The toys they made us. “We are deeply honored to launch the first Gates podcast!” saying Brian Volk-Weiss, founder and CEO of The Nacelle Company. “I’ve been a Trekkie for over 35 years, and I’ve learned more from these shows than from the last 100 conventions I’ve been to together!” McFadden’s podcast will be recorded at NacelleCast Studios, which hosts other Nacelle podcasts such as A toy store near you, The Billy Galaxy Podcast, Secret stories of nerdy mysteries Y For the culture.

Gates McFadden InvestiGates joins a crowded podcast field – there are dozens of fan pods in addition to the Star Trek: The Capsule Directive“But your insider status will give you The next generation fans something to look forward to.

The podcast will premiere on May 12 and will be available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, Amazon Music, and more. Check out a clip from the upcoming show below:

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