Ten times Dawn of Justice ignored everything Batman stood for

The DCEU started with Iron Man back in 2013 and quickly showed fans that DC’s new movie franchise was strikingly different from the comics. The gloomy, gloomy tone that permeated the film seemed more at home in a Frank Miller-style Batman movie. Despite this, even the Christopher Nolan dark Knight The trilogy didn’t seem so bleak.

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However when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was thrown, became even more clear that the DCEU was completely ignoring the original interpretations of the Justice League and everything that they represented. Dawn of justice, in particular, he made quite a few heinous decisions regarding Bruce Wayne that completely ignored everything Batman stood for.

10 Batman hasn’t had much of an impact on Gotham

Towards the beginning of Dawn of justice, Bruce Wayne is mentioned to have been operating as Batman for about twenty years when Superman appears. Yet despite this, it appears that Batman hasn’t made a discernible difference in Gotham. Not only is the city still a total cesspool, but Batman himself has absolutely no presence.

It’s considered more of a myth than anything else, which, after twenty years, Batman should definitely feel like a real solid presence in Gotham. That’s part of Batman’s goal. The fact that Batman has seemingly had little to no impact on Gotham for two decades would be an embarrassment to the Batman fans they know and love.

9 Bruce Wayne can’t find enough information about Superman

Bruce Wayne from Batman V Superman BVS Dawn of Justice

Batman gets the title of “World’s Greatest Detective” in the comics, and it’s not undeserved. Bruce Wayne may not have superpowers, but he spent a lot of time carefully honing his abilities, both physical and mental, to basically become superhuman. He is an incredible detective; his deductive reasoning skills and planning skills are virtually unmatched.

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However, Batman in Dawn of Justice he is halfway into practically everything he does. When Batman sees the fight between Superman and Zod, he becomes angry and obsessed with destroying Superman beyond reason. He doesn’t find enough information about Superman before acting, which is profoundly different from Batman as a character.

8 Batman is so distracted he lets Lex Luthor get away with it

Dawn of Justice Lex-Luthor

The fact that Batman is so consumed with destroying Superman greatly influences the way Bruce Wayne acts in this movie. In fact, Batman ends then distracted by his plan to defeat Superman acting massively not Batman-like throughout the movie. The fact that Superman takes up so much of Bruce’s mental space means that he lets Lex Luthor’s real plans slip through the cracks.

The best detective in the world misses Lex Luthor’s plans to seize Zod’s corpse, as well as the fact that Lex planned and executed a bombing of the United States Capitol building. This is next level supervillain ignorance for a character like Batman.

7 Batman has started to act more and more unnecessarily violent

First look at Ben Affleck from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Alfred Pennyworth points out to Bruce Wayne a couple of times that Batman has gotten a little too intense lately, but this should definitely be treated more of a problem than it is. Batman is an important symbol and he can’t seem to be swayed by things like revenge or violence.

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If Batman becomes too scary and too villainous, his existence doesn’t make much sense as Bruce Wayne intended. However, Batman in Dawn of Justice it’s completely off the rails. At the end of the film, Batman appears in Lex Luthor’s prison cell to confront him face to face, threatening him in an imposing physical way.

6 Batman uses kryptonite to fight Superman, rather than worrying about kryptonite itself

Kryptonite spear from Batman v Superman

The fact that kryptonite exists would likely make Batman lose his mind completely. If Bruce Wayne has been the only human superhero around for twenty years, the sudden appearance of an alien threat is definitely overwhelming. However, Batman becomes so obsessed with obtaining the Kryptonite and assembling it that he doesn’t spend enough time worried about kryptonite itself.

Lex Luthor’s intentions for kryptonite, as well as the mere existence of kryptonite on Earth, should be well investigated by Bruce. However, he is nowhere near the top of his game, and he uses kryptonite rather than fully exploring it and its origins.

5 Lex Luthor is easily able to manipulate Bruce Wayne into doing what he wants.

a formally dressed man with medium length hair

Most of the first actions of the film. Dawn of Justice just show that Lex Luthor can basically manipulate Batman into doing absolutely anything he wants. The idea that Lex can do this after Bruce has been Batman for twenty years It is something of an insult to the character of Batman.

While Clark Kent is new to being Superman, being Batman is something Bruce has had a long-standing experience with. Lex Luthor manipulates Batman into becoming dramatically different from him with very little real work, which ignores the real tactician that Bruce really is.

4 Bruce Wayne feels guilty about Dick’s death and never had another Robin

Bruce Wayne Batman Looks At Jason Todd Dead Robin's Suit With Joker Comments In Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Inexplicably Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed that Bruce had already lost a Robin, but that Robin was not Jason Todd. For some reason, in the DCEU, the Robin who killed the Joker was Batman’s first: Dick Grayson. After Dick was killed, Bruce did not dare to face another Robin, so there was never another.

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Bruce never accepted Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damian; none of these characters exist. In the DCEU, Batman became so consumed with guilt that he lost one of the most vital parts of his story. Acting as if Batman could be Batman without a Robin is a mistake many Batman movies make lately; not including any Robin is a disservice to Batman.

3 Batman won’t even listen to anyone else’s explanations

Bruce Wayne from the beginning of BVS Dawn Of Justice

There are more than a few times in Dawn of Justice when other characters try to explain what is really happening to Batman. Superman actually tries several times, but Batman refuses to listen. After Lex Luthor and Clark Kent have their confrontation when Clark learns that Lex has been manipulating him and Bruce into fighting each other, Clark even tries to go to Bruce with that information, and Bruce yet will not listen.

Instead, Batman simply physically attacks Superman, trying to slam him to the ground and kill him using kryptonite weapons. Not only was Bruce manipulated, but he won’t even hear anyone around him, an indicator of how far away Batman has become.

two Batman started acting like a monster, or worse, like a man, and not like a hero

Superman in Dawn of Justice

Bruce Wayne created the Batman character because he wanted to do good. More than that, I wanted other people to believe they it could also do good. Batman is a symbol and anyone could be Batman. Bruce Wayne tries to keep Batman carefully constructed as a symbol, on the sidelines of humanity and human things like revenge, anger, or bitterness.

However, after Superman shows up, this is exactly how Batman starts acting. Batman, as a figure, becomes violent and aggressive, consumed by revenge and the need to destroy Superman. Bruce doesn’t act like Batman at all, but rather like a man consumed with emotion.

1 Due to Batman, Superman was weakened enough to die.

The one thing Batman would never want to happen would be for his teammates to take damage because of him. The Justice League means everything to Bruce, and its members are his closest friends. Batman and Superman are hands down each other’s best friends in most character interpretations.

This makes the fact that Batman is partially responsible for Superman’s death in Dawn of Justice all the more intensely strange. Batman would do anything before he let Superman die and yet it is for him that Superman dies. Batman would be ashamed of this action and the role he played in it.

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