The DCEU needs Ray Fisher’s Cyborg

Hostilities between Warner Bros. and Ray Fisher have exiled their Cyborg from the DCEU, but Justice League’s Snyder Cut demands his return.

The conflict between Warner Bros. and Ray Fisher has banished its Cyborg of the DCEU, but the Snyder Cut of League of Justice demands their return. While Fisher had been performing on stage since 2008, it wasn’t until 2017 League of Justice who landed his first major role on the big screen, after making a quick cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately, what Zack Snyder and writer Chris Terrio had designed to be a large and complex journey for Fisher’s Cyborg was greatly reduced and altered after Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon.

Cyborg’s characterization was severely damaged as a result, making him a mere background player for much of League of Justicehistory of. Next League of Justice, Fisher landed his next big role as the son of Mahershala Ali’s aging investigator on HBO’s critically acclaimed season 3. Real detective. Fisher seemed destined to reach greater heights and eventually graduate to leading roles, that was until his 2020 decision to publicly denounce Warner Bros. and DC bosses for the allegedly abusive treatment he received from Whedon during League of Justicefire again.

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Fisher’s Cyborg was eventually removed from plans to The flash solo film after he publicly attacked DC Films executive Walter Hamada for allegedly allowing Whedon’s inappropriate conduct. However, Fisher recently made a notable comeback with the Snyder Cut and has received much praise for his work within it. With that in mind, the DCEU really needs to bring Cyborg back.

Without The Flash, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg has no scheduled appearances

the flash ray fisher dceu cyborg

As mentioned, Ray Fisher was originally planned to appear in The flash film, which will be released on November 4, 2022. That film will properly introduce the multiverse concept to the DCEU, with two different versions of Batman appearing, those played by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Interestingly, the rhythm of the Snyder Cut Flash to the blow a bit in that sense, making multiple mentions and allusions to the multiverse already.

With Fisher’s Cyborg appearance in The flash canceled, however, there have been no further indications that it will be used in the DCEU. Instead of Cyborg having a great arc through Snyder’s 5-part plan, as well as derivatives like The flash and a solo Cyborg movie as originally planned, now it looks like Cyborg may be erased from the future of the DCEU entirely. While Warner Bros. and DC Films could certainly attempt to recast the role, media giants might be surprised to find that DC fans are not interested in seeing that idea put into action, especially after the Snyder Cut of League of Justice.

They can’t recast Cyborg after that performance

Cyborg talking to Wonder Woman - Zack Snyder's Justice League

While the allegations of abusive behavior by Joss Whedon and empowerment by Warner Bros. executives are damning, the fact is that there are two sides to the story, and WB contends that while some issues were discovered and took “corrective action”, some of Fisher’s claims could not be confirmed by the independent WarnerMedia researcher. Still, it’s definitely true that many find Fisher credible and empathetic, and salute him for being brave enough to speak his truth to power, even knowing that it could well damage his young Hollywood career. Most people love the homeless, and Fisher is definitely that against the behemoth known as Warner Media.

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Now, after the release of the Snyder Cut, the empathy factor can be combined with Fisher’s widely praised performance as Victor Stone / Cyborg in the film, he was finally allowed to spread his wings as a character. Fisher showed great variety, becoming an emotional, engaging, and multifaceted version of the most tragic member of the Justice League. Attempting to recast Cyborg after that performance and in the face of his accusations against the studio would face an intense backlash, as Fisher would never play the character again.

Its development was so good that the public will want to see more

Cyborg silas stone Snydercut

While the Snyder Cut is almost universally seen as better than the theatrical cut of League of JusticeIt’s certainly not a hit for everyone. As with most Zack Snyder films, it has garnered a wide variety of reactions. However, one thing most seem to agree on is that Cyborg’s story, and Fisher’s performance telling it, is one of the Snyder Cut’s biggest victories. Cyborg at times felt more like a plot device than a character in Whedon Cut, and it really fell short when it came to development and timing of being in the spotlight.

In Snyder Cut, Cyborg is suddenly one of the most important characters, if not possibly the most important, and he is not the second fiddle to his most famous teammates. It would be an absolute shame to see the Fisher’s Cyborg saga end there, and it would be in the DCEU’s best interest to bring him back for more adventures and offer a chance to fully mourn the death of his father Silas on screen as well. The character’s original plan was for him to become one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, comparable to Doctor Manhattan. While Warner Bros. says they don’t plan to go ahead with Snyder’s plan, this character’s future still deserves to be explored.

Warner Bros. owes him a new role

Cyborg unearthing Superman's coffin - Zack Snyder's Justice League

As fans will recall, when Cyborg was removed from The flashFisher made it known that he disagreed with that decision, and many believed the move was retaliation against the actor for going after DC Films president Walter Hamada. While not everyone is on Fisher’s side, many are, and believe it is highly unfair that he lost a role due to reporting bad behavior, supporting him with hashtags like #IStandWithRayFisher. This is not how situations like that are supposed to work, at least in theory, although the reality of such results is often disappointing.

Add to that Warner Bros. ‘firm refusal to actually disclose the results of its investigation in any kind of detail, or to reveal what steps were taken to hold anyone possibly found guilty of misconduct accountable, and the company has seen its image a little tarnished since all this trouble started. The smart thing to do would be to fix things with Fisher, reinstate him as Cyborg, be more direct about what the investigation uncovered and keep Fisher and Hamada out of the way. That would be the end game of choice for many DC devotees, and is by no means impossible to pull off, even at this stage.

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