The enemies of the PS5 exclusive return

A new trailer hints at a handful of enemies that players will encounter in the PS5 exclusive Returnal on the mysterious alien planet of Atropos.

The next big PlayStation 5 exclusive Return, from developer Housemarque, will arrive at the end of April. Players will land on a mysterious planet called Atropos where the game’s protagonist, Selene, gets stuck in a time loop. Return It will be Housemarque’s first foray into AAA territory, but it won’t be entirely unknown to studio fans. Housemarque has a lot of experience in bullet-hell style games, and Return seeks to bring the idea to the realm of a visually powerful third-person shooter.

The planet of Atropos will be filled with all kinds of enemies for the player to encounter, from organic aliens to cosmic horrors and hostile automata. Return The planet has different biomes to explore, with unique enemies present in each one. Most of the creatures in Atropos prefer to engage the player from a distance, using various types of projectiles or long tentacles to attack. A bunch of Return other enemies, however, are well equipped for close combat and can pursue the player relentlessly. The game is designed for the player to maintain high mobility, avoid a large number of projectiles, and learn attack patterns from the enemy to prevail.

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Since it was announced, a constant trickle of information about Return has been revealed. TO PlayStation Blog publication of ReturnCreative Director Harry Krueger gives insight into the connections between enemy creation and game design. The blog post is a supplement to a new trailer showing some of the hostile creatures found in Atropos.

New enemies revealed in the comeback trailer

An enemy Titanops of Returnal

The new game trailer (viewable below) comes with some brief explanations of the enemies shown. Housemarque appears to show only one from each biome, and hopefully the game will feature many more than the six featured in the trailer. The developer also keeps some select Return details quite close to the chest, as two of the subjects in the video are missing descriptions.

  • Mycomorph – “A large mushroom-like entity that can release its own spores, slowing the target’s movement.
  • Titanops – “He moves fast, darting and leaping to get within range, where he can maim his target with his sharp member.
  • Automaton – “In addition to fast-firing weapons, it can use its claws to whip or grab the target.
  • Gorgolito – “An ambush predator lying under the sand. It can use its tail or tongue to whip its target.
  • Ixion – “[Not found]
  • Infected browser – “[Not found]

The Ixion appears to be one of the bosses in the game, it is shown flying around an arena with multiple health bars, and Housemarque is apparently wary of revealing too much detail in one of the Returnbigger enemies. The Infected Explorer, on the other hand, is described by Selene as resembling herself, and is very likely part of the larger mystery the player will unfold in Atropos. Return It will be one of the first blockbuster exclusives for the PS5, and haters are looking to take advantage of the new hardware with lots of flashy and moving parts. Whether the gameplay will impress the variety remains to be seen, but the types of enemies shown in this trailer are a promising start.

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Fountain: PlayStation Blog

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