The House Of The Dead: Remake comes to Nintendo Switch and appears to be true to the original in gameplay, audio design, and visual effects.

A remake of The House of Death is on the horizon and a new trailer has been released, showcasing the remake’s gameplay on Nintendo Switch. The classic late ’90s rail shooter is getting the full remake treatment with updated graphics, audio, and gameplay mechanics. The trailer is brief, but it shows that the remake shares the same zombie fun as the original.

The House of Death It was first released by Sega as a cabinet of rail shooter games in 1996. After its international release in 1997, the game quickly became a staple of arcade games everywhere. Next to Demonic resident Serie, The House of Death is credited with bringing zombies back to video games, with many saying franchises like Left 4 Dead Y Dead rising would not exist without The House of Deaththe success. The game also introduced the concept of fast-running zombies, as well as other variants of mutated monsters out of the slow-crawling corpse that is the norm. The series eventually spawned multiple sequels with the most recent, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, launching itself in 2019 to positive reviews.

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Polish study Entertainment forever Sega has tasked you with developing both House of the Dead: Remake and THouse of the Dead 2: Remake for Nintendo Switch. The trailer for the first entry was released and shows updated graphics that fix the now classic aesthetic of the series. The music has the same arcade techno punch, to keep adrenaline high as players slice through the undead and move through narrow hallways from stage to stage. The brief trailer also shows that the user interface will be similar to arcade cabinets, as the player’s cursors will be visible on the screen for various prompts both during gameplay and during cutscenes.

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The trailer shows how the classic levels have been updated, with HD graphics and character models. The trailer ends with the reveal of the new character model of the first game’s main villain, Dr. Curien, the man responsible for bringing the dead back to life. The many sequels to the House Of The Dead series were carried out with the original’s exaggerated portrayal of the walking dead, but with physical arcades seemingly a thing of the past, it is unknown what a sequel would look like.

The Nintendo Switch appears to be a natural home for point-and-shoot arcade remakes, as the diverse platform can support split-screen co-op, motion control, and online capability. With titles like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Being remastered and updated, one wonders how many other classic titles from the gaming past could one day make it to Nintendo’s latest console.

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