Top 10 Singles: Where Are They Now?

High school It has aired continuously on ABC since 2003, resulting in 16 seasons and more than 180 episodes. It has sparked a wave of headline singles, some of whom are obviously more memorable than others. Many of these single women had some kind of high-profile, prestigious job while appearing on the show (which was certainly part of its appeal).

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However, almost 20 years have passed since High school began his life on ABC. Professional and personal life can change dramatically in 20 years, and it is interesting to see where the first single women are today. While a few remain with their matches on screen, some have moved on to other relationships and marriages. And while some have stuck to their previous jobs, others have taken a different path.

10 Trista Rehn

Trista Rehn

Trista Sutter, who was then called Trista Rehn, was ranked second in the first season of The Bachelor. Proving popularity with fans, Rehn became the first subject of High school, finally casting Ryan Sutter.

In a very rare part of Single In the story, Trista and Ryan are still together, having been married since 2003. They have two children, a son born in 2007 and a daughter in 2009. Since then, the Sutters have become a celebrity couple, appearing on programs like Who wants to be a millionaire? and the HGTV program, Rocky Mountain Reindeer.

9 Meredith phillips

Meredith Phillips in a white suit

Meredith Phillips was the show’s second bachelorette party, casting Ian Mckee. The couple got engaged, but the nuptials were canceled after a year. Unfortunately, Phillips did not have a good experience during filming. High school, revealing on the Reality Steve podcast that she was sexually assaulted by the show’s masseuse.

She remained silent about the ordeal and ended the show. After conquering his addiction to alcohol, Phillips married his high school sweetheart. Since then he has kept a low profile, preferring a quiet life with his family.

8 Jen Schefft

Clink of champagne glasses

Jenn Schefft solidified her place in Single story during the show’s first live rose final ceremony. She chose Jerry Ferris as the winner, but later famously rejected his proposal.

Schefft went on to write a book titled Better single than sorry and she married a man named Joe Waterman. The couple has two children and lives in Schefft’s native Ohio. He currently works for a medical spa called NeoSkin Center, in public relations and marketing.

7 DeAnna Pappas

DeAnna Pappas first appeared in season 11 of The Bachelor. She made it to the final rose ceremony, but both she and Jenni Croft were rejected by Brad Womack. She was brought back for season 4 of High school, casting pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, but the two subsequently separated before they could marry.

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Like Meredith Phillips, Pappas has been quiet since her time in High school. She is currently married to Stephen Stagliano (brother of Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano) and the couple have two children.

6 Jillian harris

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Party

While appearing in High schoolCanadian Jillian Harris worked as an interior designer. He received his certificate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and had designed the interiors for the Canadian restaurant chain Cactus Club Cafe.

Appeared in season 13 of The Bachelor before playing the titular bachelorette in season 5. Harris currently has two children with partner Justin Pasutto, and the two starred in a W Network documentary titled Jillian and Justin in 2017.

5 Ali Fedotowsky

Like many single women, Fedotowsky first appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor. Unfortunately, her time was shortened after it was said that she would either return to her Facebook post or be fired. a claim Facebook denied, saying Fedotowsky returned of his own free will.

Fedotowsky is currently working as a DIY and Lifestyle Expert at Hallmark Channel Home and family. This is a morning talk show that provides advice on various aspects of home life, such as gardening, arts and crafts, and DIY.

4 Ashley hebert

Ashley Hebert and her family

Ashley Hebert was the seventh starting single, and she chose JP Rosenbaum as her partner. The two were a near success story. The couple married during a television special in December 2012 and had two children.

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Their son was born in 2014 and a daughter followed two years later. Unfortunately, the married couple announced that they were parting after eight years of marriage in October 2020.

3 Emily maynard

Emily Maynard The Bachelorette Party

The eighth bachelorette party, Emily Maynard chose Jef Holm as the winner. Unfortunately, the two parted ways in October 2012, just three months after the end of the season in July. After the show, Maynard reconnected with an old crush named Tyler Johnson, and the two got married quickly and had three children.

It was around this time that Maynard wrote a New York Times best-selling book titled I said yes: my story of anguish, redemption and true love. The family currently lives in North Carolina and leads a quiet life, and Maynard hardly associates with the Bachelor Nation.

two Desiree Hartsock

The ninth bachelorette party, Desiree Hartsock, is one of those rare Single exceptions. After casting Chris Siegfried, the two tied the knot in January 2015 and remain together.

In january 2019The two welcomed their second child, a son named Zander Cruz Siegfried, who was joined by their first son, Asher.

1 Andi dorfman

Andi Dorfman first appeared as a contestant on season 18 of The Bachelor. She subsequently became the tenth unmarried, temporarily quitting her job as an assistant district attorney to appear on the show.

She chose Josh Murray (on famous Bachelorette party contestant Nick Viall), but the two broke up in January 2015 (just six months after the season finale). According to Dorfman’s LinkedIn, currently works as an assistant district attorney in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, a position he has held since November 2012.

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