What happened to Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition?

The classic PC game based on the iconic movie was supposed to get an enhanced edition, but it was delayed indefinitely for a variety of reasons.

Very few movies have influenced science fiction video games like Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece. Bounty hunter. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 I owe a lot to the movie. The movie itself has only one notable video game adaptation, but it’s stellar: the 1997 PC game of the same name. While being remastered for modern systems, the upgraded version of this cult classic title has been delayed.

Instead of following the plot of the original film, the Bounty hunter The point and click game created a new story that coincided with the movie. Fans were able to see the classic story expand from the perspective of another detective named Ray McCoy who, like Rick Deckard, hunts down dangerous Replicators in Los Angeles 2019.

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Even with the outdated graphics of a 90s PC game, Bounty hunter it still captures the franchise’s blend of gritty noir and futuristic beauty. Its cult popularity grew when a version of the game hit the GOG website in 2019. And then, in March 2020, it was announced that the Improved editing would be released by Nightdive Studios for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows later that year.

In September 2020 Nightdive posted a video showing a cinematic update of the Improved editing comparing it with the original. The newer version has been visually enhanced for modern audiences without looking much different from its’ 90s release. However, that cinematic update to the game’s opening scene was the only thing Nightdive Studios released from the game. Improved editing in 2020. Shortly after the video’s debut, the studio announced that the game would be delayed to an unknown later date due to technical reasons.

Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick explained in an interview why it has been very difficult to remaster this particular Bounty hunter play. He told Eurogamer that “there have been some obstacles that we have had to overcome in terms of the old technology that the game uses, and our search for the original source code and assets has turned up nothing.” This is because in 1998 EA bought Westwood Studios. In the process of moving the Westwood offices, the original source code for Bounty hunter it was lost and is unlikely to be found. Now Nightdive has to reverse engineer the code along with heavy animation work and code troubleshooting in its proprietary KEX engine.

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All of this work must be done by Nightdive without being able to use the progress already made by a fan programming site called ScummVM, who already designed the Bounty hunter I play and I have it in GOG. Nightdive tried to negotiate the finished works with ScummVM but could not reach an agreement.

Due to all these unfortunate factors, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition it is delayed until further notice. Fortunately, fans of the franchise are used to being patient as they waited 35 years. Bounty hunterthe sequel to the movie, Blade Runner 2049, leave. Hopefully his patience for the video game will pay off with a huge re-release in which Nightdive shed his blood, sweat and tears in the rain.

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