What new Kirby games are coming in 2021?

The Nintendo Switch schedule for 2021 currently lacks a Kirby game, but the folks at HAL Laboratory have hinted that a new one is being made.

The Nintendo switch‘s The 2021 calendar currently lacks a Kirby game, but there’s a strong chance that one is currently in development and will be released sometime this year. There have been several Kirby Games released on the Switch since its launch in 2017, but the franchise didn’t make it to Nintendo’s newest console right away.

It was unclear if the Switch was going to be a hit when it first launched, so Nintendo still supported its other systems for a few years. This is why several Kirby The games were released on the Nintendo 3DS, even after the debut of the Switch. Since then, the Switch has become one of Nintendo’s best-selling consoles, so Kirby has left the 3DS behind. Since the Switch was released, it has received Kirby Star allies, Super Kirby Clash, Y Kirby Fighters 2. There are also a number of NES and SNES Kirby games available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The Kirby franchise is also represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Kirby is the only character in the game who keeps getting more moves, as his Copy ability expands with each new character, to the point where he can now sport Sephiroth’s beautiful silver locks.

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The Nintendo Switch schedule for 2021 was boosted by the last Direct, but it still looks pretty empty. Nintendo likely has games that it is holding back, which will be announced throughout the year and released a few months later. It seems likely that a new Kirby The game is one of those titles, based on suggestions given by the developers.

Kirby’s clue from 2021

Kirby Fighters 2 Surprise launched today on Nintendo Switch

By the end of 2020, 4Gamer He interviewed several Japanese video game developers and asked them about their plans for next year. Three of the HAL Laboratory developers advanced new Kirby projects for 2021. They didn’t name the Switch, but it seems like the most likely place for a new Kirby play. Nintendo has slowed down its mobile game production considerably in recent years, but a Kirby Mobile gaming is still a possibility.

There is nothing certain with the pandemic still ongoing, and it is possible that a Kirby The game is planned for 2021, but could be delayed until 2022. Nintendo demonstrated with Paper Mario: The King of Origami release that has no problem announcing a game with little fanfare and releasing it a few weeks later. It is possible that a new Kirby The game could be revealed during a Nintendo Direct and be available a month later. The Change has several key games in 2021, such as Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shining pearl, as well as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, so a Kirby The game could easily be sandwiched at any time of the year.

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