Why Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Was Delayed By Paramount

Paramount’s recent decision to delay Top Gun: Maverick again is tied to star Tom Cruise’s promotional plans for the upcoming sequel.

Paramount’s recent decision to delay Top Gun: Maverick from summer to fall, it was reportedly made for reasons related to star Tom Cruise’s promotional plans for the film.

Sources close to Top gun sequel told The Hollywood Reporter that Cruise wants to go on a world tour to build buzz for the film before its release. However, with Europe and potentially Japan locked in response to rising coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers, that would not have been feasible if the film had been kept to its most recent date. “Tom Cruise is one of the few stars who can move the needle by doing late-night shows and premieres around the world,” said an anonymous studio executive.

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Top Gun: Maverick It spent years in initial development before Paramount scheduled it for theatrical release on July 12, 2019. Then, approximately three months after production began in May 2018, the studio delayed it nearly twelve months to June. 2020 reportedly to allow more time to complete production. the complicated flight sequences of the film. Subsequently, in April 2020, the Top gun The sequel was delayed for another six months in response to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It was postponed once again the following July, this time moving to July 2021 to accommodate Cruise’s schedule.

Before delaying the film once again as part of its new release list, Paramount president of distribution Chris Aronson said the studio “had no plans” to move. Top Gun: Maverick out of its summer place. Anyway, Paramount is still planning to leave A quiet place, part II in theaters at the end of May, followed by Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins in July. These films will then air on Paramount + less than two months after opening in theaters.

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In a statement to The Hollywood ReporterSaid Eric Wold, analyst at B. Riley Securities Top Gun: MaverickThe latest delay should not be taken as a harbinger of things to come. Rather, “We believe that these moves towards slots later in 2021 or early 2022 simply represent a mentality among studios to have these films available to viewers when capacity restrictions are lowered.”

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Top Gun: Maverick stars Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Manny Jacinto, Monica Barbaro, Lewis Pullman, Danny Ramirez, and Jay Ellis. The film hits theaters on November 19.

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Fountain: The Hollywood Reporter

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