Whenever someone asks a friend about anime that left a mark on their childhood, many people will name it. Pokemon, Dragon Ball, or Yu-Gi-Oh. Whether it’s because they enjoyed the main character’s travels or struggles, many fans will often notice that one of these three has an impact on their lives.

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With respect to Yu-Gi-Oh!, a lot of people loved seeing Yugi Muto dueling a lot of people, no matter if they were villains or allies to him. However, it would be intriguing to find out what things Yugi would wish for if he achieved the Dragon Balls.

10 I wish Pegasus didn’t take away his grandfather

Although Yugi and Atem’s duel against Pegasus was not one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s best duels of the series, they managed to defeat Pegasus despite his advantage with the Millenium Eye. It was a high stakes duel over Yugi’s grandfather and Kaiba’s souls at stake, and despite having a powerful card like Resign, Pegasus was unable to defeat them.

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Although the duel was a spectacle for many fans, it took Yugi a while to get to Pegasus because the stipulations were set in stone for the Duelist Kingdom tournament. To save Yugi time, he wishes his first duel against Pegasus didn’t result in Pegasus imprisoning his grandfather’s soul in a blank card.

9 I wish the evil side of Marik and Bokura never existed

Marik and Yami Bakura from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh

Although Yami Bakura and Marik are some of the Yu-Gi-Oh’s best villains in the series, they were not always threatening and cruel. Both characters were controlled by a lustful and hateful spirit that viewed their lighter halves as weak and pathetic. Both sought the power of the Millennium Puzzle and were met with its disappearance thanks to Yugi and Atem.

Considering the type of person Yugi is, I wish that evil would control the bodies of both individuals. Since Marik’s hatred for Atem and the Millennium Ring’s control over Bakura made them evil in the first place, Yugi would have no problem changing their destinies.

8 I wish Atem could have remembered his past

Atem in the past from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime

Although they both inhabited Yugi’s body, there are many differences between Yugi and Atem. One of these differences had to do with Yugi wishing to win and protect his friends from evildoers while Atem searched for answers to his past. These goals, along with their different personalities, helped fans distinguish between the two characters and enjoy them.

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Furthermore, Yugi is known to be a selfless individual to many people who matter to him, eventually helping Atem uncover the secrets of his past life as Pharaoh. To facilitate Atem’s search, Yugi wished that Atem remembered everything about his past from the beginning of the series.

7 I wish Joey had the money for Serenity’s operation

Joey Wheeler from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh

Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler are some of the Yu-Gi-Oh’s best duelists in the series who have had both their losses and their victories. Although Joey suffered defeat more times than Yugi, both duelists developed their unique approach to fighting while maintaining the same belief in the “heart of the cards.”

Although they didn’t start out as friends in the first part of the series, the two learned from each other and always supported each other. If Yugi could make a wish for Joey’s sake, he wishes Joey had the funds to pay for Serenity’s operation.

6 I wish The World Of Darkness & Shadow Games never existed

The Shadow Realm of Yu-Gi-Oh

Even if Yu-Gi-Oh’s shadow kingdom was 4Kids Hilarious attempt to censor this dimension’s affiliation with death and murder, Yugi would not hesitate to wish to drive away this dangerous place. This dimension caused him much trauma throughout the series regarding his duel with Pegasus as he witnessed Mai getting lost after her sad duel with Marik.

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It is a concept that brought him more harm than good despite being used as a place to store soulless spirits. In order to rid the world of such a catastrophe, Yugi wishes that his existence was banished forever.

5 I wish no one could visit Atem, not even himself

Atem on his throne in Yu-Gi-Oh DSOD

Yu-Gi-Oh !: The Dark Side of Dimensions It was a sequel movie that many fans loved to see when it was released because it reintroduced them to the original characters who started the franchise. During the movie, fans got a glimpse into the lives of these characters. Many of them have felt depressed about Atem’s departure, preferably Yugi.

Yugi’s relationship with Atem is one of the deepest friendships in the shonen anime, which was made clear in the original series and in this movie. The movie focused on Yugi’s development to let go of his old friend and showed him that he no longer needed Atem to guide his every move. Although some may argue otherwise, Yugi wishes that no one could visit Atem.

4 He wishes the millennium puzzle had disappeared as soon as Atem left

The Yu-Gi-Oh anime millennium puzzle

Although Yugi and Atem’s duel was one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s In the biggest duels of the series, their ceremonial battle served to show Yugi that he no longer needed Atem. Yugi’s victory also allowed Atem to pass and finally rest his spirit.

Nevertheless, Yu-Gi-Oh !: The Dark Side of Dimensions It showed Kaiba’s unwillingness to let Atem go and resulted in him excavating Atem’s grave in hopes of discovering the Millennium Puzzle. Furthermore, this showed Kaiba’s stubbornness to let go of the past and ultimately almost led to Diva causing immense destruction. To avoid such a conflict, Yugi wishes the Millennium had vanished as soon as Atem left.

3 I wish I weren’t shy around new people and have more confidence in your abilities

Yugi vs Bandit Keith in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City Arc

Despite Yugi growing up after his constant duels with evildoers, he can be a bit shy and pessimistic about his abilities, despite being crowned the title of “King of Games”. Yugi is shy around new people and often loses confidence after suffering serious losses.

It’s a trait that Yugi has learned over the years and something that he would probably want to change if he had the Dragon Balls. His wish would also help him gain some independence and faith in himself in older duels in which he needed Atem to help him achieve victory.

two I wish I had defeated Dark Diva without Atem’s help

Although fans can argue whether they adored the character of Diva or not in Yugioh !: The Dark Side of Dimensions, many people will say that his evil half turned out to be a formidable challenge for Yugi. The power of his shadow play was capable enough to make Yugi fall unconscious during their duel.

Although all hope seemed lost, Atem reawakened and ended the duel for Yugi. Atem and Millenium Puzzle ceased to exist after nodding to Yugi. Although this moment was the highlight for many fans, Yugi wished he had remained conscious during his fight with Diva and defeated him without Atem having to intervene.

1 I wish world peace

Yugi looking at a card in DSOD

Like many other animes today, Yu-Gi-Oh it was filled with many people seeking to harm Yugi, his friends, and other entities in a quest for power or as an act for someone else. Despite triumphing over the many odds against him, Yugi and his friends managed to defeat everyone who stood in their way.

As it is shown in Yu-Gi-Oh !: The dark side of dimensions, evil never sleeps, and there will be a new enemy who wishes to cause trouble in Yugi’s world. To put a nail in the coffin of all the evildoers left in his universe, Yugi wishes for world peace, where everyone could have fun and duel as they please.

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