10 DC heroes who traveled back in time and regretted it

There are countless ways to make a time travel story compelling, as such stories can take place literally anywhere in time and space. This is one of the reasons why so many superhero stories are based on time travel.

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Many of the best DC stories are based on adventures in the distant future or the distant past. Likewise, many of its heroes’ most defining moments involve time travel. Unfortunately, the results of such companies are rarely positive. Often times, the universe itself has been threatened, and even when saved, heroes often pay a heavy price, taking the memories of their experience with them for the rest of their lives.

10 Booster Gold has caused more problems with time travel than almost anyone who has ever lived

DC Comics Booster Gold

Booster Gold is basically the model for irresponsible time travel. A former footballer and janitor from the future, Booster stole some technology from a museum and traveled back in time to the age of superheroes, intending to use this technology to give him powers. He hoped that his knowledge of past events would allow him to fight evil (and make a profit along the way). The problem is, the three character traits that define Booster are greed, ego, and stupidity.

There are too many examples of how you have destroyed people’s lives and suffered personal tragedies through time travel. Just to name a few examples: He was tortured by the Joker, caused Superman to suffer the destruction of Krypton, unleashed a cyborg apocalypse, and ruined Batman’s family life. It also broke time. Needless to say, it will appear on this list again.

9 Batman became a chronic bomb and almost destroyed his friends

After the events of Batman: RIP, Bruce Wayne was believed to have been killed by the villain Darkseid. Actually, he was sent back to the Stone Age.

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Batman began to jump forward in time, encountering one chaotic adventure after another, while accumulating chronic energy that was turning him into a bomb, ready to detonate and kill his friends the moment he returned to his own time.

8 Barry Allen got drunk and broke time

barry allen mother flashpoint

Long before Barry Allen became the Flash, his mother was killed by one of his villains, Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne as a way to hurt Barry before he and Eobard met.

One night, Barry drank too much and ran so fast that he traveled back in time. He saved his mother but destroyed the world, causing a dystopian apocalypse where Superman never appeared as a hero, Bruce Wayne was killed by the shooter who stole his parents, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman plunged Europe in their war with each other.

7 Black Canary fell in love with Viking Prince … and then had to leave him behind

Viking Prince Black Canary

When people think of heroes who traveled through time, Black Canary is not someone that usually comes to mind. However, during the Birds of Prey series, he went back a thousand years and met the Viking Prince, who had traveled with his crew to the New World.

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They fell in love and parted ways when she returned to the present. She was heartbroken and never forgot. When archaeologists found a runestone that marked the Viking Prince’s burial site, there was a reference to the Valkyrie he loved, proving that he never forgot her either.

6 Jonah Hex is a cowboy bounty hunter who is locked up in Arkham Asylum in the 21st century.

Jonah Hex

Wild West antihero Jonah Hex is a scarred bounty hunter who is cruel, ruthless, and a horror to behold, but who lives by a set of principles. During The new 52, was thrown forward in time by (you guessed it) Booster Gold.

Once it reached the current 21S t Century, it is presumed that he was an imposter and locked up in Arkham Asylum. After his release, he came across several disturbing locations, including his own corpse on display in a museum.

5 The blue beetle was saved from death by time travel, but caused an apocalypse

Ted Kord is the superhero Blue Beetle. He is also Booster Gold’s best friend. The two became known for their practical jokes while serving in the International Justice League. Unfortunately, his most famous time travel adventure is pure tragedy.

After Ted Kord was killed by the villainous Maxwell Lord, Booster went back in time to save his best friend. However, Ted’s death allowed the superhero community to rally together and prevent the threat of the OMAC and Brother Eye from taking over the world in Lord’s name. Ted had to die a second time to save the world from the destruction that ensued.

4 Superman witnessed the destruction of Krypton firsthand

After Superman travels through time using Flash’s cosmic treadmill, Booster Gold travels through time to try to prevent the Man of Steel from breaking the time stream. Unfortunately, Booster is too late.

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Superman returns to investigate the destruction of Krypton, except that by returning to the past, the past is altered. The destruction of Krypton is prevented. Superman is on the planet, watching his father work with General Zod. After numerous painful misadventures in which he witnessed the perversion of his family, Superman is forced to let Krypton be destroyed … and he sees it happen.

3 Rip Hunter has faced every kind of time travel horrors imaginable, many of which involve his father.

Rip Hunter is one of the best time travelers who ever lived (or will live). He spent years hiding all aspects of his identity. The time and place of his birth, his real name, and any other personal information were kept secret so that he could prevent enemies from killing him even before he was born.

It turns out that he is actually the son of Booster Gold, and has spent many years trying to mentor his father. The enormous amount of pain that comes from trying to fix the problems caused by wayward time travelers, and the fact that many of these problems were caused by his father, makes Rip’s life more difficult.

two Wally West traveled through time to save his children and failed, but almost broke reality

During the events of the “Flash War” story, Wally had a vision of the family that he had lost during the various retcons that disrupted the continuity of the DC Universe. He had lost his daughter and son.

Desperate to save them, Wally sprinted through time, hoping he could save his children. However, it was manipulated by Hunter Zolomon and nearly destroyed both the 25thth Century hypertime and Speed ​​Force.

1 Shining Knight was thrown into a strange and unrecognizable future

Shining Knight has undergone numerous incarnations over the years, but in all versions, they are a knight who served King Arthur in Camelot. The most recent incarnation, Sir Ystin, is a trans-masculine Celtic Knight of the Round Table.

During the Seven soldiers history, he was catapulted into the present day, where he was detained by the police and harassed by all manner of supernatural creatures. Eventually, he ended up defeating his main enemy, the Sheeda. Still, the experience was shocking and he left behind the entire world he had known.

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