10 modern manga that has already aged poorly

Not all manga are destined to become as legendary as Dragon Ball or as fondly remembered as Nana That is just the harsh reality of the industry. Some manga go off the rails and never recover, or never take off to begin with, aging them on the spot.

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Whether due to some questionable creative decisions or external events beyond the creator’s control, these manga are best left as lessons to be learned or simply forgotten. The best these modern manga can hope for is a hindsight in the future.

10 Bleach’s final arc wasn’t worth it

Bleach It remains one of the most important shonen stories of the 2000s as it was a formative title for many anime fans, but nostalgia cannot save its sloppy ending. Ichigo’s mission as a Shinigami ended with the highly publicized The thousand year blood war Bow: The fated clash between Shinigami and Qunicy. Unfortunately, it failed.

Due to external factors and the health of the mangaka Kubo Tite, the ending was rushed. It didn’t help was that he followed the equally mediocre History of the lost Shinigami bow, which means that expectations were high. Bleach close was unable to clear the bar, leaving longtime fans empty. Today, Bleach is best remembered as an example of how not to finish a manga, even if it was opened with the almost legendary Soul Society bow.

9 The promised neverland ends with a polarizing anticlimax

Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčNorman and Ray hang out

The promised neverland it made a name for itself as a cat and mouse game of nearly 200 chapters. Keeping Emma and the readers on the edge was the ever-changing status quo, leaving everything unpredictable and no one safe. This is why her ending feels like an escape, as Emma basically makes a deal with God and everything works out on its own.

Rereading the manga may seem a bit cheap as the conclusion falls short of the standards set by previous intense arcs. The anime doesn’t help either because instead of enhancing the divisive ending, it created an entirely new ending that is now considered one of the worst anime endings in recent memory.

8 Shaman King has one of the strangest shonen endings of all time

Yoh and the other shamans

For the most part, Shaman king was exactly what battle manga fans came for. The problem was that the last arc took a sharp turn toward the surreal and subtly pessimistic. Here, Hao becomes Shaman King and kills everyone. After that, the manga skips the final battle and moves on to an epilogue set seven years later, where everyone is alive again in some way.

Furthermore, Hao only delays his genocidal master plan due to a bet with Yoh and a slap from his mother. The ending left fans stumped and wondering if they would ever want to revisit the Yoh saga. Shaman king It’s still a nostalgic favorite, though it’s not uncommon to find people preferring the 2001 series due to its generic but simplified anime-only ending.

7 The island of giant insects barely passes as a guilty pleasure

Survivors of Bug Island

As the title indicates, The island of the giant insects is a creature characteristic about people trying to survive on an island infested with large insects. What the title doesn’t spoil, though, is what a borderline hentai looks like, where the characters find the most ridiculous excuses to get naked or have sex even when car-sized mosquitoes approach them.

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Beyond its ironic and absurd appeal, there really is nothing more than The island of the giant insects. The manga’s selling points – that is, bloody deaths and lots of sex – become routine after a few chapters, making it more boring than a real guilty pleasure. It doesn’t help its anime so bad that it is good, which is indistinguishable from other poorly written adult films.

6 Gantz is too edgy for his own good

Kei Gantz Group

There is no modern seinen manga as infamous as Gantz, And his reputation wasn’t just born out of excess blood and nudity. Gantz It first gained notoriety as the ultimate youth power fantasy that inspired the most for years to come. Here, Kei is forced to participate in a deadly game in which he and his fellow “players” kill aliens for no apparent reason.

Unlike the anime, the manga explains it all: Gantz was sent by ancient beings to help humanity kill alien refugees fleeing to Earth. Yes really. The unsettling political implications aside, Gantz surprisingly he has an optimistic and humane point to make. That said, it still takes nearly 400 chapters of unfocused nihilism, rage, and carnage to get there, making it a challenge to revisit.

5 Pupa will offend a lot of people

Brothers Hasegawa and Pupa

The brothers Utsutsu and Yume live in peace when Yume is suddenly infected with a strange virus that turns her into a carnivorous monster. Utsutsu is also infected, but he regenerates quickly. With this ability, Utsutsu gives Yume the only known antidote: human flesh, specifically his. Basically Chrysalis It is a monstrous body of terror mixed with an incest fantasy.

The manga has a small but dedicated fanbase that appreciates it precisely for how disturbing and creepy it becomes, even though it is avoided or ridiculed by everyone else. Pupa’s A redeeming factor was his art, which readers unanimously agreed was amazing. Meanwhile, anime remains one of the lowest rated shows on MyAnimeList.com.

4 Redo Of Healer is crazier than its anime

Keyaruga holds Flare captive

Although it was mostly overlooked last season, Healer Redo made negative waves in the anime community because of how deranged it became. Here, the healing hero Keyaruga takes revenge on his tormentors after resetting time. Such revenge always involves sexual violence and torture. Believe it or not, it’s worse in the manga.

The manga adapts the text of the light novel, showing scenes of assault and brutality in detail. These were so vile that they were toned down or removed in the anime. Other than that, Healer Redo it is nothing more than a fantasy of transparent power indulging in misanthropic thoughts and fetishes. Despite all its adult content, the manga is actually youth garbage.

3 Citrus cross too many lines

Yuzu and Mei against the moonlight

However, Yuri’s rule-defying manga is nothing new. Citrus pushes the envelope to uncomfortable lows. The manga follows transfer student Yuzu, who struggles to keep up at her new girls’ school. Fortunately, he connects with Mei, the student council president with whom he gradually falls in love. The thing is, they are stepsisters.

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Instead of properly addressing this taboo, Citrus treated it as romantic, while adding sexual assaults that should be seen as cheesy or charming. The latter caused the most uproar, with readers judging Yuzu and Mei’s relationship to be wrong at best and abusively toxic at worst. The anime toned this down a bit, but this does little to fix what’s already broken.

two Act-Age felt uncomfortable after the arrest of its author

Kei and director Sumiji

Act-Age It was a radically different title for the Shonen Jump post. It’s a life drama that centers on high school student Kei’s dreams of becoming an actress, which is triggered when she catches the eye of director Sumiji Kuroyama. At the time, Act-Age It was praised, but it aged poorly, not exactly for its content, but for its real-world context.

Last year, Act-Age The perpetrator, Tatsuya Matsuki, was arrested for sexually assaulting minors. Shonen Jump and illustrator Shiro Usazaki released the manga shortly after, along with plans to adapt it as a stage play. Beyond Matsuki’s legal troubles, her predatory behavior gave her Act-Age an awkward subtext, especially when it comes to age differences, which is hard to ignore.

1 Ruroni Kenshin revivals were tainted by Mangaka’s petty crimes

The revivals of Ruroni Kenshin

Without exaggeration, Nobuhiro Watsuki is one of the most influential mangaka alive. He is best known for making Rurouni Kenshin, who enjoyed a soft rebootRuroni Kenshin: Restoration) and sequel (Ruroni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc; left) after the success of live action movies. However, everything he created now comes with a dark shadow on them.

In 2017, Watsuki was convicted of possession of child pornography. All his projects were put on hold, but after paying a fine, publishing was resumed. Regardless of the quality of the revivals, appreciating or even supporting them in light of Watsuki’s actions is only possible through deliberate ignorance and copious denial, both of which are not recommended.

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