10 shojo anime where the villain wins in the end

Heroes generally win, but that’s not always the case in shojo anime.

It’s always a rarity for an anime to end on a bleaker note, and in most cases when it does, it has less to do with the villain getting a win and more to do with the heroes losing one of their own. In the case of the shojo series, it is most often because a couple does not end up together as everyone would like.

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However, there are exceptions to that. Most of the cases in which the villain wins are not even disappointing in terms of the story, as their goals were not evil at the beginning or they were the protagonist of the story.

10 The magical witch Punie-Chan centered on a villainous protagonist

Potato-Dono is screaming

When an anime focuses on a villainous protagonist, he is likely to be the one who emerges victorious, and that is exactly what happens in Punie-Chan Magic Witch. They send her to an alternate dimension to test whether she is worthy of the despotic kingdom her family planned to hand her over. At the end of the OVAs, she proved more than capable of wielding the crown, dispatching her sisters and anyone else who tried to defeat her in combat.

9 Rue finds Mytho’s love in Princess Tutu

Rue Princess Tutu

As anime, Princess tutu is there for one of the strangest. The plot centers on a duck turned human who tries to repair Prince Mytho’s heart, allowing him to love again. Love is the central theme here, as Rue, the main villain in large part, continually tries to prevent Tutu from repairing the shards because she fears that he won’t love her if she regains her emotions. In the end, Rue and Mytho manage to win true love together, proving that she has nothing to worry about.

8 Phos is never able to overcome his flaws in the land of brilliants.

Unlike most anime, there is no prototypical villain in Land of the Lustrous. Instead, he focuses on Phos’s fight to be strong, to show that they can fight alongside his other gems.

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Even with raises, that’s never the case as they find themselves with one setback after another, continually losing those close to them. It gets even worse when Phos realizes that the gems brought to the moon end up ground into a fine powder, making the moment Antarcticite even more tragic.

7 Love is expelled from beyond in Angel Beats!

The end of Angel Beats! it’s bittersweet and sad, leaving the viewer feeling bad for Otonashi. The true villain of the series is not easy to pin down, however, the last hurdle that the team must overcome is the shadow-shaped programs that were created to prevent love from forming in the afterlife so that it does not become A paradise. Despite Yuri destroying them, they end up succeeding in their goal when Kanade moves on after Otonashi’s declaration of love.

6 Precia’s spell cannot be stopped on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

The Jewelry Shards Collection is the focal point of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and for the most part, a magical partner named Fate is the main antagonist. He tries to collect them for his mother, the true villain of the series. In the end, Fate and Nanoha are fighting for the last time, and Precia’s carelessness towards Fate is revealed when she takes the shards and tries to jump dimensionally. Even Fate and Nanoha’s combined power is also not enough to stop her, and Precia is able to escape to an unknown location.

5 Pretty Cure Suite ends with villains freed from pain

The villain who wins doesn’t always have to end up with a severe or dark ending. Pretty Cure Suite he does it in an interesting way, allowing everyone to win. Mephisto is the villain for most of the series, trying to create a Melody of Sadness.

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As the story progresses, it is revealed that many of his actions were fueled by Noise’s corruption. Once free, you can spend time with your daughter again. The same goes for Noise, who finally broke free from humanity’s sadness and was able to feel joy.

4 Ojamajo Doremi ends almost every season with the girl losing her magical powers

Holy witch

Rarely do the protagonists suffer setbacks as frequently as the Ojamajo Doremi trio. While they tend to save the day, never without some kind of repercussion, often in the way they become human again after being stripped of their witchcraft powers. In the first season, it was to save the bad guy, Onpu Segawa. And in the second season, everyone is cursed after fighting the great evil of that season. Interestingly, the constant setbacks work for the adorable show.

3 Quiche, Pie and Tart can return to their world for The Mew Mews

Tokyo Mew Mew

There are times when villains become temporary allies after the arrival of an even greater threat, and that’s the case with Quiche, Pie, and Tart. The three of them tried to eliminate the Tokyo Mew Mews on several occasions until Deep Blue arrives, revealing that it is even worse. It is for that reason that the Mew Mews forgive them, even giving them the final Mew Aqua to help them make their planet as beautiful as earth. It is a rare case where both parties win.

two Takkao finds the love he desperately wanted in Pretear

Takkao Pretear

Love is often a theme in shojo, both in the traditional programs of everyday life and in the more magical of girls. Pretear is an example of how well it can be used as a plot device for a villain, making it supportive even when they do terrible things. The rejection turned Takkao into the Princess of Disaster. It’s a feeling that persisted until the end of the series when her feelings of love were finally reciprocated by Sasame, giving her the one thing she ever wanted.

1 Madoka makes a contract with Kyubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica


One of the best examples of the villain who has emerged victorious is the great Puella Magi Madoka Serie. As a whole, the series subverted the expectations of a series of magical girls, turning them upside down. His ending continues that trend when Kyubey got what she always wanted: Madoka made a contract with him to be a magical girl. The fact that he was able to stop the creation of more magical girls does not change that fact at all.

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sarada sasuke similar

Naruto: 10 times Sarada was her father’s daughter


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