10 Star Wars comics that are much darker than the movies

The Star Wars The universe can get pretty gloomy at times. At the end of The Empire Strikes BackLuke was missing a hand, Darth Vader was revealed to be his father, and Han Solo was a paddle on his way to Jabba’s palace. Revenge of the Sith it was even worse as the movie featured Anakin Skywalker finally becoming Darth Vader and the murder of the vast majority of the Jedi in the galaxy.

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But as dark as things got in the movies and animated series, things often got worse in the comics. On more than one occasion, incredibly horrible moments unfolded, both in the current continuity and in Legends, and Darth Vader was the author of many of those moments.

10 Exar Kun enslaves the Massassi

In the days of Legends continuity, Exar Kun was a notorious figure to say the least. In the Old Republic, he was a powerful Jedi who fell hard and became a Dark Lord of the Sith. His war against the Republic and the Jedi became the source of many horrors.

One of the worst acts he committed was enslaving the Massassi race on Yavin 4. Considering that the Massassi were already twisted by the Dark Side, Kun’s treatment of them in the Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith The series was certainly a low point.

9 Darth Vader destroys the royal family of Shu-Torun

Darth Vader's Ninth Killer

Many of the worst atrocities in the galaxy were committed by Darth Vader on behalf of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. The list is so long that it’s honestly easier to go through people and worlds than I did not do it inflict suffering.

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On Star Wars: Darth Vader Book III: The Shu-Torun War, took things to another level. When the Royal Family failed to align, he mercilessly killed all of them except the youngest daughter, whom he installed as his pawn.

8 Triple zero poisons an enemy

Triple Zero was an evil C-3PO

It has been said that everyone has a doppelganger. And in the cases of C-3PO and R2-D2, their doubles are Triple Zero and BeeTee, respectively. These two dark droids are more compassionate friends for each other, though they really love killing and skinning biological entities. It is one of his passions.

For a time they traveled the galaxy with Dr. Aphra. When a gangster named Soo-Tath threatened her in Doctor Aphra # 1, Triple Zero was in charge of locating him and injecting him with a neurotoxin. At the time, Triple Zero was having fun with Aphra and didn’t want it to end.

7 Triple Zero Turns On Doctor Aphra

Surprisingly, an evil protocol droid who loves to murder people and drain their blood is not particularly trustworthy. However, Dr. Aphra put a surprising amount of faith in Triple Zero, which was strange for someone who normally didn’t trust anyone.

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In an attempt to get out of Darth Vader’s control, Aphra had faked her death. Starting in Doctor Aphra # 12, Triple Zero used that information to blackmail Aphra into doing pretty horrible things, even by his standards.

6 Darth Vader kills a platoon of rebel soldiers

star wars - daddy down

It’s rare to see Darth Vader at a disadvantage. Even when an opponent manages to catch him off guard, his prowess with a lightsaber and the Dark Side of the Force combined with his brutality generally allows him to claim victory.

In the crusade story called Star Wars: Father Down, a large contingent of Rebel soldiers thought they had outnumbered and outgunned Vader. Apparently they have never seen Rogue one. The slaughter was one-sided and not in favor of the rebels.

5 Luke joins the dark side

Star Wars: Dark Empire # 2. Luke Skywalker

Star Wars: Dark Empire remains one of the best stories of Dark Horse’s career during the Legends continuity. It told the story of the immediate aftermath of the Return of the JedI, as a new fledgling Republic, tried to maintain order and contain the remnants of the Empire.

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If his situation was no longer dire enough, Luke apparently fell to the Dark Side and began working with a resurrected Emperor Palpatine. The whole story was incredibly bleak, but one of the darkest moments saw Luke butcher tank after tank of Palpatine’s clones.

4 Darth Vader destroys Dr. Cylo’s ship


Over the years, Darth Vader has had an incredible array of nemesis. This is largely because he keeps killing them, which is why a new one rises to take his place. It’s a vicious cycle that usually ends when someone gets the business end of a lightsaber or throws an airlock.

Dr. Cylo was a scientist who had become almost immortal thanks to cybernetic modifications that allowed him to jump bodies and escape death. Vader was having none of this, and in Darth Vader # 25 destroyed most of Cylo’s bodies and launched Cylo and his ship at a nearby star.

3 Exar Kun blows up the Dark Reaper

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.  Exar Kun uses Sith alchemy on Yavin IV in the Great Sith War

One of the things that Exar Kun has been forgotten about since the Legends stories were removed from continuity is how evil the man really was. He might not be as efficient or effective as Darth Vader, but he was certainly ambitious.

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Exar Kun unearthed a superweapon called the Dark Reaper that used a Force Harvester to drain the Force into powerful explosions. Around the same time that he tormented the Massassi, he used it maliciously, killing thousands of people on Raxus Prime.

two Darth Vader launches Doctor Aphra through an airlock

Darth vader

Dr. Aphra joined the Star Wars universe at the same time Marvel began publishing Star Wars comics again. He made his first appearance in Darth Vader # 3 when he agreed to work for the Sith Lord in exchange for his life. Aphra knew from the get-go that it was a limited-time partnership.

Naturally, Darth Vader tried to kill her. Eventually, he ended their association by expelling her through an airlock in Darth Vader # 25. Some say it was an act of compassion, as it offered her a slim chance for survival, which Aphra still made the most of. But it was still a brutal scene.

1 The Yuuzhan Vong attack

The Yuuzhan Vong Prepare to Kill

In the Legends, the most devastating force to ever appear was that of the Yuuzhan Vong. This race of monsters from beyond the edge of the Outer Rim blazed a path of destruction through the galaxy that was nearly impossible to stop.

The odyssey of the war against them took place across multiple comics and may have been the darkest story in the history of the entire franchise. When the battle ended, billions of lives had been lost in every corner of the galaxy.

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