Since its introduction in Batman # 1, the Joker has been Batman’s main rival. The Joker has played many roles over the years, from a playful criminal who wishes to make people laugh to a psychotic killer who seems to revel in the torture of the innocent.

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On very rare occasions, the Joker has also played the role of hero. His heroic actions go against his usual personality, but there have been times when the clown prince of crime has saved the world. He will never have the same caliber of hero as Batman, but he is capable of good.

10 The Laughing Fish: Joker Protects Batman’s Identity


Detective Comics # 475 it was released in 1978. The story was written by Steve Englehart with art by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin. The comic features a Joker who lives up to his usual antics.

There is a moment when the Joker manages to show a moment of redemption. With Hugo Strange’s death, Joker is concerned that Strange has told someone the identity of Batman. Try to protect Batman, also protecting the people helped by the hero.

9 Joker’s Millions: Joker gives up a life of crime for leisure

Millions of money from Batman Joker Joker

Joker’s Millions was launched in 1952 in Detective Comics Volume 1 # 180. The comic was written by David Vern and featured art by Dick Sprang. In the story, Joker decides to give up a life of crime after inheriting a fortune.

The Joker tries to live a comfortable life, seemingly giving up his urge to commit crimes. He spends his money generously, even supporting numerous charities. He is seen as a good guy and is desperate to avoid being painted in a negative light. Unfortunately, his entire fortune is bogus and he faces an IRS investigation.

8 Joker # 7: Joker has to stop Lex Luthor

In the 1970s, Joker briefly had its own title. Joker # 7 it was also titled Luthor – You’re making me sane! The comic was written by Elliot S. Maggin with art by Irv Novick. The comic begins with the Joker and Lex Luthor escaping from prison.

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A strange experiment causes Lex Luthor and Joker to change their personalities. The Joker has to find a way to stop a crazed Lex Luthor from doing evil. Joker, now a super genius, manages to develop a device to get the two of them back to normal, he just has to find Lex first.

7 Batman: The War Of Pranks And Riddles – The Joker Stops Batman From Breaking His Most Important Rule

This story was published in 2017 as part of Renaissance. He ran for eight numbers Batman Volume 3 # 25 to # 32 and was written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janin.

Joker starts a war with Riddler. War becomes a major problem for Gotham as criminals are forced to choose sides. Batman teams up with Riddler, but the criminal betrays him. When Batman tries to stop the criminal, Joker prevents Batman from killing Riddler. Batman would likely never have recovered from taking the life of another. Joker saves Batman from the guilt of taking his own life and the shame of becoming a criminal.

6 Batman – White Knight: Joker teams up with Batman to help save the city


White knight by Sean Murphy began publication in 2017. The comic was part of the DC Black Label and explores the idea that Joker has been cured of his wacky nature.

Joker begins using the name Jack Napier and secures his release from prison. Napier takes control of Batman’s villains and uses them to paint Batman as the bad guy, convincing the police to arrest Batman. Finally, Napier is forced to free Batman. The two work together to stop the Neo Joker. After the two save the city, Napier turns himself in to the police and confesses his crimes.

5 Countdown: an alternate Joker was a hero in his land

DC countdown

During the events of Countdown, the Joker from Earth-3 was introduced. This character was called Jokester and he was a hero in his world. His main rival was an evil version of Batman named Owlman.

Jokester worked tirelessly to try and stop the criminals in his world. He worked primarily against the Crime Society, an evil version of the Justice League. His life tragically ended when he tried to avenge the death of his daughter, Duela Dent.

4 Justice League of Arkham: Joker helps prevent Gotham from being poisoned

Arkham Justice League

The Arkham Justice League appeared in Justice Leagues Volume 1 # 4. The number was written by Paul Grist with art by Coy Turnbull and Dan Davis. Batman and Nightwing formed an unlikely alliance with various villains.

Members of the Arkham Justice League included Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Riddler, and Joker. Batman recruited villains to help stop a madman from poisoning Gotham’s water supply. The Joker jokingly asks to be turned into Robin as a reward for his help.

3 Justice League Volume 4 # 13: Joker Dismantles Lex’s Criminal Organization

This comic was released in 2019 by James Tynion IV and Guillem March. It begins with Joker teaming up with Luthor and several other villains. The Joker has a rule: he will not work with the Batman Who Laughs.

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Lex meets the villain Batman, apparently behind Joker’s back. Unfortunately, the Joker is spying on his ally. The Joker decides to take action against Lex’s army of villains. Using his special gas, Joker takes control, binding Lex and warning him against the Batman Who Laughs. Joker then heals the other villains, most of whom abandon Lex.

two The Demon Laughs: The Joker Saves the World from Self-preservation

Ra's al Ghul League of Assassins Shadows Lazarus

The devil laughs was released in 2001 and is also titled Batman: The Legend of the Dark Knight Volume 1 # 143. The comic was written by Chuck Dixon with art by Jim Aparo and John Cebollero.

The Joker teams up with Ra’s al Ghul to stop Batman. While Ra’s is impressed with the Joker’s mind, he is reluctant to trust the other criminal. Talia dislikes that her father works with someone like the Joker. In the end, Joker decides that al Ghul’s plan is too extreme and tries to stop him. Although his actions are primarily driven by self-preservation, he manages to save the world.

1 Dark Nights – Metal: Joker Teams Up With Batman To Stop The Laughing Batman

dc the batman who laughs

Dark Nights: Metal began publication in 2017. The series was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The comic presents an almost dystopian future when the world is taken over by a horde of evil Batmen.

The group is led by Batman Who Laughs. The evil version of Bruce Wayne became corrupted after being exposed to the Joker’s poison. While he acts like the Joker, he has the intellect of Batman. Batman ends up having to recruit the Joker to help save the world.

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