10 weakest anime characters who think they are strong

There is a long list of anime characters who have hidden the fact that they are powerful enough to defeat most people with ease. There are an equal number of characters at the opposite end of the spectrum. These characters like to show off their supposedly high level of power, although they are not as strong as the main characters.

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By continuing to show off their own strength, they begin to believe that they really are as powerful as they claim, which often leads them to experience some sort of misfortune as a result. These characters are usually the comic relief of the series and can be very entertaining to watch.

10 Fairy Tail: Nichiya trusts herself but is cowardly

Ichiya and Nichiya posture

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is one of Fairy taleThe infamous characters are biting and far from being one of the strongest characters, but his Edolas counterpart is even weaker.

Nichiya has the feline appearance of an Exceed, and decides to join the Blue Pegasus Guild. Despite enthusiastically participating in the Great Magic Games, he is eliminated in one fell swoop, causing Ichiya to realize that he overestimated his friend’s powers due to his beautiful appearance (?).

9 Dragon Ball: Oolong may seem harsh, but looks can be deceiving

Oolong points to himself

When Goku met Oolong in Dragon Ball, the talking pig was known as a demon that terrorized the Aru village. He would break into the village disguised as a monster and kidnap young women.

His intention was to make them clean their house, but unbeknownst to the villagers, the women led luxurious lives. Thanks to his training at the Shapeshifting Academy, he gained the ability to take on multiple intimidating appearances, and for a time let this supposed power go to his head.

8 Bleach: Kon likes to enjoy his own importance

Kon relaxing on a table

In his stuffed animal form, Kon is the weakest but most arrogant character in the whole world. Bleach. He even likes to refer to himself as the King of New York, although he has done nothing to win the title. When in Ichigo’s body, he generally acts careless or selfish.

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He won’t hesitate to criticize Ichigo Kurosaki for making the smallest mistakes, as if he would be a flawless Shinigami if he were in Ichigo’s shoes.

7 My Hero Academia: Minoru Mineta believes that becoming a hero will make him popular

Minoru Mineta resting her cheek against her hand.

Mineta is a hypocrite who will not hesitate to criticize the shortcomings of others, even if he shares those same shortcomings. He likes to show off in front of others and wants to be a hero to become popular, especially among women.

He only acts cowardly if he finds himself in a situation that seems stressful or disadvantageous, but generally takes pride in his contributions to a later fight. Of all the Class 1-A peculiarities in My hero academia, yours is one of the least powerful.

6 Ranma 1/2: Tatewaki Kuno has a big ego no matter how many times he loses

Kuno looks smug while holding his bamboo sword.

Kuno is so confident in his abilities that he grants himself various nicknames, which he changes from time to time. Some examples are “The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High” or “Shooting Star”. He is the Captain of the Kendo Club, and his abilities were respected until Ranma Saotome was transferred to his school.

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At that point, he became a joke character who was constantly losing not only to Ranma, but also to the other characters that were introduced.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Father Cornello

Cornello yells angrily

Father Cornello is one of the first antagonists introduced in Fullmetal Alchemist. On a superficial level, he seems like a kind person who established a church in a small town. However, he intended to gather as many devoted followers as possible, who would help him rise in power.

He had a philosopher’s stone that allowed him to perform small miracles, which he pretended to be divine rather than the result of alchemy. It was very easy for trained alchemists like Edward and Alphonse Elric to defeat him.

4 Overlord: Eclair Ecleir Eicler plans to steal Ainz’s position as ruler of Nazarick

Eclair raises a fin

Eclair is a short, chubby penguin who is too proud of his position as an assistant butler. Works for the Great Tomb of Nazarick in Mister, and it gets its arrogance from its creator, who programmed it with the desire to conquer Nazarick as a joke.

That is why no one takes seriously his claims to one day rule Nazarick. To make his dreams come true, he boasts that he will first showcase his extraordinary skills as a butler, claiming that he could clean toilets so well that people could eat from them.

3 Seven Deadly Sins: Hawk is convinced that he is as strong as the sins

Hawk is angry

Hawk is a talking pink pig often seen traveling with Meliodas in The seven capital sins. He takes pride in his work as a janitor at the Boar Hat bar, happily cleaning up food scraps left by customers.

He seems to be convinced that he is stronger than the Seven Deadly Sins, who happen to be the best warriors in the world. He even goes as far as to say that he could even handle the Demon King as well, but there is no way he can.

two The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Malty Melromarc thought she was untouchable because she was a princess

Milkshake smiles

Malty is the type of person who enjoys making others suffer, as shown when she incriminates Naofumi Iwatani for a crime she never committed. Like a princess spoiled by her father, Malty gets her way almost everything in Rise of the Shield Hero.

When it looks like she’s about to be punished, she uses her acting and pretty face to avoid punishment. Her lack of power is later proven, as her crimes are eventually exposed and she is ultimately forced to pay for those crimes.

1 Pok√©mon: Goh’s Scorbunny likes to tease others and pick fights

Goh and Scorbunny celebrate

When Goh’s Scorbunny was still a savage PokemonHe spent his time with some Nickits. They often stole food and even stole Ash Ketchum’s purse. Scorbunny enjoyed taunting Ash, taunting him like he and Pikachu couldn’t do anything against it.

He also liked to kick Ash when he felt like it, but Pikachu later punished him. Unfortunately, Pikachu’s good intentions ended up surprising Ash in the process.

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