90-day boyfriend: Larissa’s extremely harsh response to a critic shocks fans

A fan gave 90 Day Fiance’s Larissa unsolicited advice about her implants. But many were surprised to see Larissa’s response to the negative comment.

Previous 90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima recently lashed out at a critic who commented on her implants. Larissa couldn’t stay calm and wished the fan would die of cancer. Despite viewers understanding that the critic crossed the line by commenting on Larissa’s body, they were unable to comprehend the extremely harsh response from the Brazilian beauty. Many recall that last year, Colt Johnson’s ex-wife underwent a Kylie Jenner-inspired full-body transformation that cost her $ 72K.

He had multiple plastic surgeries to achieve that look. She admitted to receiving Botox, lip fillers, nose surgery, liposuction, and breast and butt augmentations. Because she has been outspoken about her surgeries, she often draws negative comments from critics. Previously, she was teased for her fake abs, which looked like “unnatural,“Unreal and weird in her body type. Larissa looked happy as she showed off her six-pack, but some fans called it an unnecessary procedure, which made her look good.”male. “

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The former reality TV star recently received unsolicited advice from a fan about her butt implants. After seeing a photo of Larissa, the fan told her that she needed a ride again. The fan is also considering implants. She learned that the end of the implants should not be seen and Larissa’s implants were visible. It seems like the fan was trying to be friendly because Larissa openly talks about her surgeries. But the person embarrassed their body while sharing the experience, which is not acceptable. The fan page @ 90days disaster posted the exchange on IG:

Eric Nichols’ future wife couldn’t resist responding to the negative comment. She answered, “Your face and your jealousy are (sic) pathetic. Snapchat filter dumba ** ugly c ** t! DIE from cancer in hell.Although Larissa acted on impulse, her extreme response surprised many 90 day fiancé fans. A bystander reacted, “I understand the message [triggered] you, but do not bring disease to your madness.“Another fan wrote”Why wish someone would die from cancer when there are so many people fighting NOT TO DIE from cancer?

One person shared the same opinion and commented that they unfollowed Larissa after seeing her “horrible“She responds to a negative comment. Some of Larissa’s loyal fans suggested that she hire a social media manager so she wouldn’t have to deal with negative comments herself. Judging from her brutal response, those words seem to affect her mental health . the 90 day fiancé Student Larissa opened up about the bullying online and said she had to grow thick skin, but the constant bullying needs to stop.

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Fountain: @ 90days disaster

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