90 Day Fiancé: Andrew Kenton Explains Complaint Against His Daycare

90 Day Fiance’s Andrew has defended his daycare, but a complaint was filed against him in 2020. In this exclusive from Screen Rant, he clears things up.

When not leaning towards his villain persona, Andrew Kenton of 90 day fiancé He co-owns a daycare center, and although his business has received complaints, Andrew insists it is all on the rise. Last year, Andrew’s company received an official complaint and told him Screen Rant in this exclusive interview which was completely unfounded. Many fans have questioned the desirability of someone like Andrew babysitting, but it seems the government still thinks it’s okay.

After seeing the way he treated his ex-fiancee Amira Lollysa on the show, fans have criticized Andrew. Since then she has gone on the defensive, accusing Amira of being a liar and con artist. Fans have questioned his mental stability after seeing how he behaves on social media and how he left the Tell-All recently. They have taken photos at Andrew’s daycare business, leaving bad reviews and calling him out for posting photos on social media of the children in his care.

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Andrew claims that his daycare business is appropriate and above the table in every way, but his track record is not entirely flawless. On November 18 of last year, the Department of Social Services made an unannounced phone call to address a complaint that had been filed against the company. The Licensing Program Analyst spoke with Lori Kenton, Andrew’s mother, to investigate allegations of improperly disciplining the children in his and Andrew’s care. But Andrew said Screen Rant that the matter has been fully resolved.

According to Andrew, “The complaint was made by someone unrelated to the child involved, both of the child’s parents were upset that the complaint was even filed and spoke to the state on our behalf, it was quickly discovered that it was unfounded.“Andrew added that one of the boy’s parents was filmed with Andrew for the show,”But TLC never proved that. “His business has come under fire before, most recently for a small business loan that fans don’t think he should have gotten.

However, this time he is right, as the complaint was resolved after that one phone call. The investigation report of the complaint states that “BIn view of conflicting interviews, the allegation that the licensee inappropriately disciplines the children in his care is unfounded. Although the accusation may have occurred or is valid, there is not a preponderance of evidence to prove that the accusation did or did not occur.Clearly, the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the Department of Social Services, although fans are likely still debating the resolution of the complaint.

Fans of 90 day fiancé I love roasting Andrew, whether it’s his Instagram selfies or his supposed Reddit aliases, it seems like it’s open season to criticize. “D-Bag Drew“Online. Although his business appears to be legitimate, Andrew is not shy about hating behavior. He makes a lot of questionable moves online, but at least according to the government, there is nothing incomplete about his daycare.

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Fountain: Department of Social Services

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