90-day fiancé: Paul hanging off a cliff with Karine in photo scares fans

90 Day Fiance’s Paul and Karine posed on the edge of a cliff, which terrified many. Now, they are letting fans know how they pulled it off.

Paul and Karine Staehle from 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After He recently terrified his fans when a dangerous-looking photo appeared on social media. While Karine was on the edge of a cliff, Paul clung to the edge. Since they are together in a picturesque place, it seems like their relationship is getting back on track. Previously, Brazilian Karine publicly apologized to her husband for making false accusations of sexual assault and domestic violence against her.

Last year, he left his home in the United States and began living with a fan, who was also a Brazilian translator. According to Paul, that translator convinced Karine to make false accusations and also have an abortion. While apologizing, Paul’s wife said the translator was wrong. He couldn’t understand what Karine was trying to communicate, as her English speaking skills weren’t that good. When Karine found out that the fan was taking things too seriously and was planning to kill Paul, she left her home and returned to her husband.

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The couple now live in Brazil with their two children, as Paul is afraid to return to the United States because he believes the fan might still want him killed. But, recently he looked super excited as he struck a terrifying pose with his wife on the edge of the cliff. In the photo, Paul clings to the edge of the large rock and smiles at the camera. While he appears to be having a near death experience, Karine is just staring at him. Take a look at the image, which was shared by the fan account. @ 90days:

This photo terrified many 90 day fiancé fans, and they commented things like “My God, scary “,” This makes me very anxious “,” This is absolutely ridiculous “, Y “Let go of Paul!“Some fans thought the image was Photoshopped and assumed Karine did. Well, fans can breathe a sigh of relief that it is not a real cliff. The edge of the rock is only a meter above the ground. The photographer took the image at an angle that cut into the ground below.

It gives viewers the illusion that Paul is about to fall off the cliff. So even if Paul had let it go, he would have hurt himself. This place is called Pedra do Telégrafo, a popular tourist spot in Brazil. Since this place is quite popular with many tourists, it usually takes one to six hours to wait in line and take a photo. Paul and Karine have been to Rio de Janeiro, a famous coastal city in Brazil. They have been posting a lot of adorable photos from their vacation. Does it look like this 90 day fiancé The couple get along well, despite initial setbacks in their relationship.

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Fountain: @ 90days

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