Paula Abdul made her triumphant return to Idol, at least temporarily. During his tenure on the show, how many million did he take home per season?

Paula Abdul became an iconic judge in american idolBut how much did you get paid for the road? She was sometimes called the good judge, especially compared to her colleague, Simon Cowell. She was sometimes called the Mad Judge, as her behavior seemed to become more erratic in later seasons. Paula, Simon, and Randy Jackson were the original three judges when American Idol premiered in 2002. The show was a hit and made all the judges earn millions, but Paula’s paycheck may have been part of the reason why he finally left the show.

After going out american idol, Paula did not sit idly by. He was a judge in the short-lived dance competition. Live to dance. He then joined Simon Cowell again at the judging table for his show. The X factor, the American version of the British show that is responsible for starting the career of One Direction, among other lesser-known singers. Paula was only one part of the show during the first season. After one season, Paula and Judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones were fired. in 2017 and 2018 he went on tour. In 2019 he began his residency in Las Vegas, which unfortunately was put on hold due to the pandemic. The pandemic also led to her brief return to american idol, when he replaced regular judge Luke Bryan after he tested positive for COVID-19.

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During his early years in american idolPaula was reportedly paid around $ 5 million per season (with some reports estimating that number closer to $ 1 million). This, no doubt, added to his net worth of $ 30 million, made him roughly the same as Judge Randy Jackson. Given that Katy Perry is rumored to make around $ 25 million per season, it makes even $ 5 million sound like little potatoes. However, Paula doesn’t care. When asked about Katy Perry’s salary in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Paula’s response was, “Good for her! Why not?” However, it may have been someone else’s salary that caused him to leave. american idol.

While Paula’s salary may have reached $ 8 million per season in her eighth year in american idolBut that was a peanut compared to what Simon Cowell was taking home. Simon was reportedly paid $ 36 million per season, helping him accumulate his net worth of $ 550 million. He was friends with the show’s creator, Simon Fuller. When producer Nigel Lythgoe accidentally blurted out that information, Paula was understandably upset about the salary discrepancy. When the producers refused to pay Paula something closer to Simon’s salary, she left the show after season 8. Having judged with Simon from the beginning, it was understandable that she wanted to be paid closer to the same salary.

Viewers loved the dynamic between the gruff Simon Cowell and the encouraging, albeit often confusing, Paula Abdul. Still, the show managed to continue seven more seasons without Paula, six of which Simon missed as well. The reboot has been going strong for four seasons, but fans were definitely excited to see Paula’s return, even if it’s only temporary. She did not disappoint, with a mixture of weird and supportive comments. Could this mean a possible return of the entire original judging panel, complete with some “dog! “From Randy Jackson and wild quotes from Simon? Probably not. But at least fans can enjoy this for now.

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