Army of the Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Backstory and Heist Timeline Explained

Here are all the known major events occurring in the timeline of Zack Snyder’s new post-apocalyptic zombie movie coming to Netflix, Army of the Dead.

Zack Snyder ‘s army of the dead presents a new post-apocalyptic world full of zombies for viewers to enjoy. However, it does have some important differences from what audiences are used to seeing traditional zombie stories like George A. Romero’s. Night of the Living Dead and AMC The Walking Dead TV show.

The director behind League of Justice, 300, Iron Man, and the Dawn of the Dead remake is writing and directing Netflix Army of the dead, which is described as a heist movie set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Army of the dead, which launches on the streaming service on May 21, will see a team of mercenaries led by Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward go on a dangerous mission in Las Vegas, which is riddled with zombies. A heist gone wrong will result in Ward and his allies being caught in a battle with the hordes. To survive the zombified humans (and animals), they will have to use teamwork and an arsenal of weapons to kill the creatures, which appear to be more formidable than the traditionally slow and brainless zombies.

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The world that’s set at Snyder’s Army of the dead The story is already confirmed to appear in more than one movie. It will also be the focus of a prequel film titled Army of thieves and an anime series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, which will serve as a spin-off of the first movie. Depending on the success of these projects, more stories set in your world could be told in the future and built around the events that occurred on your timeline. Here’s everything you need to know about the story that Zack Snyder has created Army of the dead and his version of the zombie apocalypse.

The virus originates from Area 51

Zombie queen in Army of the Dead

The details of how Army of the Dead The zombies that were created are not yet known, but Snyder himself has confirmed that the zombie outbreak begins in Area 51, the top-secret government facility in Nevada. What this suggests is that it may be the product of scientific experiments. Either way, it is currently considered a mystery. It is possible that someone in Area 51 designed the zombie virus and then it spread as a consequence. A chain reaction could have resulted in the creation of a multitude of undead creatures.

Somehow the zombies connected to Army of the Dead Viruses are more deadly than the reckless, reeling, meat-eaters featured in most zombie movies and shows. With their enhanced reflexes, they have the ability to dodge and anticipate attacks. In addition, they can communicate with each other. Zombies can call out to others and can even be driven by a pack mentality. The zombies in the trailer can be seen gathering with each other to fight the humans and relying on their numbers to prevail. Also, it appears that there may be a chain of command of some sort, as zombies respond to leaders known as Alphas, like a pack of wolves. If that’s the case, it would be indicative of how advanced they are as a species. What makes dealing with this army of the undead even more difficult is the fact that some of them are animals; horses and tigers can be counted among them.

According to Snyder, the origin of Army of the Dead Unique zombies will be explored in the movie’s opening scene, so it seems unlikely that the Netflix movie would spend much time on this mystery before continuing. That said, the origin of the virus in Area 51 Will be reviewed later. It is expected to be at the heart of the story for Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, taking place during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Presumably, the show will explore the lives of the characters who were there when it all began. Many characters in Army of the Dead The main cast, such as Baustita’s Ward, Ella Purnell’s Kate Ward, Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe, and Ana de la Reguera’s Cruz, are also in the anime prequel series.

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The zombie outbreak is contained in Las Vegas after a war

zack snyder army of the dead zombies first look

In the Army of the dead trailer, Ward’s team passes a roadblock and sets eyes on a city overrun by zombies. There are hundreds, if not thousands, invading Las Vegas. So many are packed in a closed area because the government managed to contain the outbreak there in Las Vegas. They have been there so long that they have been able to turn the city into a desolate ruin. As the trailer reveals, one way the United States managed to block it was through its military firepower. Airstrikes were launched against the zombies and, at some point, shipping containers were used to shut down the city and prevent the zombies from going out and spreading the virus anywhere else in the country. The surprise that some characters express when seeing them leaves the impression that the containment of the outbreak has been largely successful. The public may not even realize what happened within the city or the severity of the outbreak.

The team gathers for a casino heist in Army of the Dead

Army of the dead

The main plot of the film revolves around what happens sometime after the zombie outbreak was contained in Las Vegas. The characters went back to living a normal life, but ended up being drawn to where it all began. The trailer shows Hiroyuki Sanada’s Hunter Bly sitting down for a meeting with Ward at the restaurant where he now works and making him an offer that’s hard to refuse. Bly explains that he is willing to pay Ward’s team $ 50 million to break into a vault below the Las Vegas strip where the zombie horde is located. To get to this vault, they will apparently have to bypass the US military and find their way to a casino. After reflecting on the job, Ward joins together several of his former associates and convinces them to help him complete the heist. If they are successful or not, and how many of them (if any) have a future in Zack Snyder Army of the dead The universe remains to be seen.

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  • Army of the Dead (2021)Release Date: May 21, 2021

batman knightmare costume

Batman has also adopted Zack Snyder’s Knightmare costume in the comics

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