Avengers: Jean Gray told new host Phoenix the secret to mastering him

In Avengers, the Phoenix Force tournament just turned an amazing hero into a cosmic force, and Jean Gray has some advice for her.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers # 44, by Jason Aaron, Javier Garrón, David Curiel and Cory Petit of VC, now on sale.

Throughout the entire history of “Enter the Phoenix” in Avengers, fans debated who would come out of the tournament as the new host of Phoenix Force. Wolverine wanted to keep him in the mutant family, but Phoenix showed a preference for Black Panther. Captain America may have looked the most worthy, but the Phoenix chose someone totally unexpected in Avengers # 44.

In a major twist, a hero who’s not even in the Avengers walked in and stole everyone’s powers, becoming the new Phoenix in Marvel Comics. This was Maya López, the heroine known as Echo. While Maya was flying, Jean Gray called her from Krakoa with advice.

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As Maya soaked in the essence of the Phoenix Force, she admitted that the Phoenix did not love her or did not even want her. However, it was never about who wanted what, it has always been about who was needed over time. The host of the Phoenix is ​​always someone who has fallen and suffered. Maya also admitted that it is a person’s emotion that draws the Phoenix to them, not their individual power. She pointed out why she is the perfect Phoenix. Maya can fight in any style with any weapon, and no Phoenix host has been like her. However, what Maya López could soon learn is that this power carries great danger and she will not be able to do it herself.

No one knows better than Jean Gray. After Maya confronted the Phoenix Force, Jean ordered Wolverine to leave her alone and return home, as she said that she would kill anyone who faced the Phoenix Force. Then he approached Maya and told the young woman not to do this trip alone. While Maya López has always been a loner, the Phoenix Force has a way of making someone feel isolated from the world, making the host less human. Jean said that if Maya wants to keep her soul as the new Phoenix, she has to make the Phoenix her own.

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Phoenix rebirth day

While Jean wasn’t Phoenix’s first hostess on Earth, she was the first character to wield her power when the Phoenix debuted in Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum’s X-Men # 101 in 1976. No one alive today knows more about the dangers of the Phoenix Force. than Jean., who joined the Phoenix Force and saved the X-Men after a mission in space. While this was not the actual body of Jean that returned to Earth as the Phoenix, it was still Jean in spirit. After being brainwashed into becoming the Black Queen by Mastermind of the Hellfire Club, Jean lost control and became the Dark Phoenix. She slaughtered an entire solar system by devouring a star and killing billions. Thanks to the effects of humanity altering his judgment, Dark Phoenix became the most dangerous entity in the universe, and Jean Gray apparently died to stop him.

The Phoenix Force returned to Jean Gray after this and later merged with others, including Rachel Summers. The Avengers entered a war with the X-Men when the Phoenix Force returned to Earth in Avengers vs. X-Men. Regardless, the Phoenix Force made even the noblest heroes do evil things, as it demonstrated with Colossus when he was part of the Five Phoenix. Maya López was a trained assassin turned heroine. She has murdered people and now has the power to make her the most dangerous human on Earth. Jean Gray knows better than anyone what can happen if one person allows the Phoenix Force to take over, and there is no better person to warn Maya of these dangers.

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